This will be short.

I’m feeling puny. I’m wondering if it could be partly because of the change of brand in my thyroid medication. I’ve heard that’s the main objection to taking generic instead of Synthroid.

A forum discussion about how we keep warm in winter brought about a caution re: my sleeping in a waterbed. I started doing some research and found this. Last night, I put extra cover on the bed, put my flannel pillowcase on the pillow (where else?) and unplugged the heater as suggested. So…I can have my waterbed and enjoy it, too. I also moved my clock radio to the other side of the bedroom where I can see it better, anyway. I don’t ever use it otherwise so that’s fine.

Even though I wasn’t feeling wonderful, I did half an hour of BodyFlex, LSEs (the link is on the right if you’re interested in checking them out), and one of my standing routine.

Happy Birthday Mel Gibson Raw Food

19 ozzies OJ
31 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie
4 banana/1 organic apple Apples with Snow
4 tomatoes with garlic powder, onion powder, taco and Cajun seasoning, and kelp noodles
3 cups garlic lemonade (not optimal but raw)

I was the morning bank/post office person but not the afternoon.

My friend seemed weak today. I didn’t get too close. She doesn’t need what I’ve got. She was glad to get the grapefruit. Her weight is a concern now. She’s down to 116 lubs. I fussed at her about not letting dietary know what she wants to eat and one of the CNAs backed me up. My friend said, “I forget what I want when they come in here to ask me.” We both told her she should make a list. Then she said that would seem picky. My reaction? “So what??”

If I don’t feel better in the extreme, I’m staying home Sabbath. I should probably stay home tomorrow, too. We’ll see. I’ve been expecting the bank to call me to sign papers but nothing yet.

Sometime this weekend, I’ll scan and post my blood work that was done last Friday. Not tonight.

I’m leaving the water running tonight. It didn’t freeze last night even though it got down to 5.9º F this morning. The longer it stays below 32, the more likely it is to not be running in the am.

Good night, folks, and sweet dreams.

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