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Going from a Size 18 to a Size 6

I’m not sure how long it took me. I’d have to look back on my earlier posts and I don’t have time tonight. I know the outfit I wore to my mother’s memorial service was an 18W. I always thought the “W” stood for “women’s” but a clerk in the store said it was an […]

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Three strikes and you ARE out!

Last night brought the third attack since merm transferred me and my domain to a server that was supposed to be better than the last. On top of it taking a LONG time to restore everything, he decided he’d had enough. Looking around, he chose a new provider and now their server has crashed! Soon […]

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Garlic Lemonade

Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that I have been regularly (more or less) drinking garlic lemonade. The way my niece told me to make it is different from what I do now. She said to crush a clove of garlic into 8 ozzies boiling water, add honey to taste, and the juice […]

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“You’ve reached your goal weight…”

That’s what one of the women at work said the other day. She followed that with, “You can start eating cooked food again, right?” Well, yes, I could. I didn’t tell her I hadn’t reached my so-called goal weight. Instead of answering her question, I asked one of my own, “Why should I?” “We-ellllllll, I […]

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Fatter or fitter?

I’ll start out with my Challenge Report this time. Bedtime was 9:02 so that goal was met and exceeded. Since it was Sabbath, I didn’t exercise. Exercise goal N/A. Fat consumption, through the roof. That one bombed. And after I weighed in at 118.4 this morning. Day 13 Raw Food 34 ozzies grapefruit juice 4 […]

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Oops! That was a big mistake!

Tomorrow is fellowship dinner day or, as my brother-in-law would say, pot-gut. I had planned to take the raw crackers I’d bought on my first trip to the new location of the organic market but I just checked the “use by” date and it’s farther off than I thought. In anticipation of that, though, I […]

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Did Edison do us a favor?

This isn’t new with me. I’ve wondered about it for years. We stay up too late. We have labor-saving devices that create more work. We don’t have to do anything but flip a switch to have light, turn a dial to heat the joint, or push buttons to wash our clothes, cook our food, or […]

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