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The Raw Vegan: Part LV, Chaos

My father-in-law’s brother (my uncle-in-law) had big ideas. He lived in a nice large house on a hill and it pained him to see DD and me in the little cottage. In his opinion, my in-laws had consigned us to less than appropriate quarters. Since he had a great deal of influence on my father-in-law, […]

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A Christmas Week

Sunday Today was sunny but cold. Since midnight, the temp dropped from 54 to 28 degrees. Seems I should be dizzy from the plunge. I had my weekly visit with DD. She’s looking forward to a busy week in spite of the fact she’ll only be working three days. After we hung up, I called […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part LIV, More Changes

DS2 had moved away from North Carolina and was living close to what is now the university campus. It was still a college and the outlying areas weren’t as populated as they are presently. He agreed to take Kat to his place in the country. She would be able to roam and not get in […]

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A Birthday Week

Sunday Today is my sister’s birthday eve. When we were growing up, our mother would put us to bed the night before a birthday saying somberly, “This is the L A S T night you’ll ever be X years old.” (Fill in the X with the year between 1 and whatever.) It made us almost […]

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Let’s Stage a Shoe-In

Remember when shoe repair shops were the norm and people didn’t have disposable footwear? When I was a kid growing up, there were two shops in our small town. One was owned and operated by a short Greek man who had a thick accent and the other by a tall, dark, handsome fellow. The first […]

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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream?

I’m as fascinated as most ordinary people by technology but every now and then it can get downright spooky. One day last week, I had the early morning TV on and heard a piece on Tech Bytes that got my attention. I’ve searched and searched but I’ve yet to find it. Maybe I dreamed it? […]

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And Another Week is Gone

Sunday My visit with DD was a lot of listening to her cough, sneeze and blow her nose. She blames merm for her maladies and said garlic lemonade doesn’t work for her. It might if she drank more than one cup. She said she’d see how she felt in the morning and decide whether or […]

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I know it’s Wednesday and I know this post is off-schedule. It will take the place of Wednesday on my weekly update plus it will be Thursday’s post a day early. Since I seem to routinely miss posting on Thursday, maybe we should call it a bonus? Here I am. And I have news. It’s […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part LIII, Vacation and Beyond

Our plans unfolded as scheduled. As a writer in our local newspaper used to report, “a good time was had by all”. My mother welcomed us with open arms after we’d had our fill of whirlwind activity. She had her signature vegetable soup simmering on the stove along with other goodies. We wouldn’t go hungry. […]

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Is There a Future in Malnutrition?

I see eyebrows raised and question marks everywhere. Malnutrition isn’t a joke. It’s a reality and it’s a mainstay of our economy. First, we need to define “malnutrition”. First and foremost, malnutrition can be a lack of nutrition resulting in emaciated limbs and distended bellies. That’s where relief agencies come in. The Red Cross, ADRA, […]

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