No more playing Christmas songs this year!

I’ve made it through another Christmas season, church-wise. Of course, there is the odd duck who will request “Joy to the World!” in July. For all intents and purposes, though, it’s over and that’s fine with me.

I was awake before the alarm went off but stayed in bed for over an hour just because I could. Another reason was that the bed was warm but the room wasn’t.

Since my friend isn’t a morning person, I waited until 7:45 her time before I called to see if she wanted me to pick her up for church. She was in fine spirits and agreed to go with me.

My Raw Food Menu

Generous 32 ozzies OJ
1 Bartlett pear
4 Fuyu persimmons
4 satsumas
4 tomatoes with Tajin
Kim chee
2 Bubbies pickles
Large salad of romaine, Cipolline onions, cucumber, kelp noodles (1.5 servings) marinated in lemon juice, dressed with cashew dressing and Bubbies relish

When I pulled up to the front of the nursing home, I could see my friend through the doors. We had to go to the desk to sign her out before we could be on our way. She had her lunch canceled and informed the nurse she would see her when she saw her.

Even though I don’t have a handicapped tag for my car, I parked in one of the special spaces. She is walking with her walker now which is much easier for me to stow in the car than the wheelchair. It was fairly easy for her to make her way to her usual spot on the back row.

Church was sort of a spur of the moment thing for me. I had no idea what was going on until the bulletin was passed out. After I went over it, I checked with the pastor’s wife and thought I had a good idea of what I was supposed to do as well as what I wasn’t. Turns out we were both wrong. The children took up the Lamb’s Offering to dead silence until the storyteller played a little on the piano. It looked like (to both the pastor’s wife and me) that one of the youngsters was going to play an instrumental selection. She was really supposed to play just after for a third offering. It would help to know these things ahead of time. I was able to participate in handing out dollar bills and I’m not usually able to do that.

There was supposed to be a fellowship meal but something had gone haywire with the plumbing at the school. The sewage from the church was backing up and overflowing in the school’s restrooms. The meal was canceled and everyone was to go home and invite some of the many visitors to go with them. I’d forgotten about the meal, hadn’t prepared, so I came on home by myself while my friend went some folks who would be able to feed her.

I busied myself with food, relaxed for a little while, and then changed into my jeans and packed up the salad I’d fixed and went to the hospital.

The registrar was finishing up an admission when I walked in the door. She left the signing of the Important Message from Medicare to me which was okay, too. I asked how things had been going and she said it was a quiet day.

I’d taken my laptop and was able to write a little of this post there. I figured I was on my own time and, if I weren’t needed for other things, it would be appropriate to do what I’d normally be doing.

A woman came to the window asking for directions to the restroom. I told her where it was. She explained she was just passing through and was hit with terrible nausea and felt like she needed to throw up. She said, “I don’t want to go to the hospital—I just need a bathroom.” I directed her again and advised her she should consider being seen. She continued on her way and I didn’t see her after that. The switchboard rang and I was called to register a patient in the emergency department. I thought it might be her but it wasn’t. I guess she did what she needed to do and left.

I’d started eating my salad before I was called back. It took hours for me to finish it. I’d take a bite, work a little, take a bite, update a spreadsheet, take a bite, check on the forum, take a bite, blog, and then I called my friend to see how she’d fared today. She said they had a salad with all sorts of STUFF in it. Peas, soy beans, carrots—everything but broccoli. Her preference is for simpler and mine is, too. I try to keep it to things that digest similarly. Mixing protein (soy beans) and starch (carrots) is a no-no, too. And raw soy beans are toxic. If they were raw, that is. And if they weren’t, they have estrogen that can wreak havoc with a man’s masculinity. And other components can kill anyone’s thyroid.

During the time I was doing the aforementioned, I got my feet tangled up in the cords under the desk. During a lull when the phone wasn’t ringing, I got up to go to the bathroom and fell onto my left knee, left hand, left elbow, and maybe other parts of my body. I don’t know. It was really quite comical. I was up one second and down the next. It was like one of the pratfalls you see on TV or in the movies. Similar to the girl in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” when she’s pulled down by her headset. I was glad I hadn’t been observed. I wasn’t going to say anything but my hand (the heel of it) started swelling and my left knee didn’t look like the right. I went to the nurses’ station and asked for an occurrence report and filled it out. Since I’m the supervisor of the area, I both filled it out and signed it. Don’t know if that will fly but I didn’t know what else to do. Before sticking it under the office door, I put a sticky on it explaining the situation and said that no one else had seen my indignity. Nothing was broken so I elected not to be seen by a doctor.

Later on, one of the nurses came in, sat down, and started talking. I felt like my brain was being picked. Are we going to get wireless? I’ve heard we are after the first of the year. What does your laptop say if it detects a wireless network? I pulled it up and read it off. Well, if we have wireless, why can’t we get on it? It’s set up for the IV pumps right now and it’s a secure network. There was other discussion about Hospital Buzz up until time for me to leave.

It had been a misty, moisty morning and it held true for most of the day. Leaving the hospital, I had to turn on my windshield wipers. It wasn’t raining, not even sprinkling. Just a heavy mist. Halfway up the mountain, I ran into fog. By the time I got to my turn, it was thick. The county road isn’t lined which made it hard to see, for sure, where the road ended and the ditch started. I stayed more or less in the middle and made it home with no mishap.

Twinkle has taken up residence on my lap. I’ll have to disturb her and go to bed. I’ve been home for just about an hour and this is done did. Good night!

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