I got an e-mail from Congressman Zach Wamp.

Here it is as it was received:

Dear Tommie:

The Internet is a vital part of our economy. We must encourage innovation and expanded service for the American public.

That is why I am co-sponsoring the Connect the Nation Act to bring broadband services to underserved areas in our country. I also supported the Communications, Opportunity Promotion and Enhancement Act when it came to the House floor last year. This bill would have allowed more companies to enter the market, spurring technological advances. Unfortunately, the Senate did not act on this bill.

Competition promotes technological innovation and better services for the consumer. I will continue to support legislation that will open the door for greater competition in the broadband market.

Warmest Regards,

Zach Wamp
Member of Congress

That should give me a warm fuzzy feeling, I guess, but it doesn’t. A lot of it tells me that getting a bill for broadband for all is just about impossible. Am I being cynical? Perhaps. Will I be on dialup this time next year? Probably, if I’m still in the Land of the Living. I tried to reply but the address turned out to be one of those that goes nowhere. I was telling him not to view satellite as broadband because it isn’t. If it isn’t fast enough to Skype, it ain’t highspeed.

I was up with the alarm and did my BodyFlex and LSEs.

100% Raw Food

22 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/peach/spinach/agave nectar smoothie
32 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
4 satsumas
1 cucumber
4 persimmons
5 organic romaine wraps (chopped tomato, chopped red onion sprinkled with Frontier Cajun Salt-Free Seasoning, avocado mashed with lime juice and Frontier Garlic Granules, kelp noodles marinated in lemon juice)

The noodles kind of got lost when I put them into the wraps layered with the other stuff. It was better when I mixed it all together.

I forgot to list a Bartlett pear with yesterday’s food.

For some unknown reason, Guideposts has spun off to another site and I can’t get in to read the devotionals any more. I don’t have their book so that’s what I rely on. It isn’t like it’s free, either. I pay as much for the online access as I would for the book. I e-mailed them today but, since it’s the weekend, I’m sure I won’t hear from them until next week.

Today was a slow day in our department. When it’s slow there, it’s pretty much slow everywhere.

There’s always work for me to do. I’d received the reports to correct the State Data. I’ve merely touched the surface so far. The scrubber that’s been installed is reducing the number of accounts I have to research. It isn’t perfect but it’s much better.

I visited my friend. She was busy picking out clothes to wear today. I’ll call her in the morning and see if she wants me to pick her up for church.

Wouldn’t you know, I was elected to go to the post office and bank on a cold day. Somebody has to do it. It got up into the mid-50s but that’s breezy after 77º F earlier this week.

There is Christmas junk food everywhere. One of the doctors contributed tins of cookies to the cause. No wonder people gain weight and get sick during the holidays. I’m eating what I usually eat so maybe I’ll escape. People think my meals are boring. They tank up on rich tasty food and pay for it with headaches and upset stomachs. In more extreme cases, they have to be hospitalized. Guess that’s exciting, huh? I’ll take my bananas and persimmons any day.

It’s getting close to 9 o’clock. I’m headed for bed after I check in on Twinkle. Good night and happy Sabbath!

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