Getting to bed early is not an option.

Neither is getting to bed on time. Not tonight. I have fooled around with installing my ad code (gotta do something to help support this site and its owner) and it’s already almost an hour past when I was in bed last night. There’s a backslash in my title that I can’t correct. I’ve hollered at merm about it. I was beginning to think my auto-save had stopped working, too, but it hasn’t.

I was up a little after 6 and had a load of laundry in the washer before 6:30. My exercises included everything. The pushup was 75 seconds. I can blame Twinkle for it not lasting longer. She kept rubbing against my head and no amount of yelling at her and blowing in her face would stop her. It was most distracting.

100% Raw Food

22 ozzies grapefruit juice
2 persimmons
32 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
3 Bubbies pickles
Kim chee
3 banana “milk”
3 persimmons (Dario’s and they’re the best)
Salad with the other half head iceberg, tomato, kelp noodles, dressed with cashew dressing mixed with Bubbies relish (I think I like the noodles in salad better than soup)

I worked on my Secret Santa project and the card for the other departments and got little else done. I did get the bed made up a couple of hours ago, mercifully, and took a shower so I won’t be putting a dirty body between crisp clean sheets.

The weather report called for a 40% chance of rain today. There was a brief shower this morning. The temperature got up to 70.9º and I didn’t get outside except to take the scraps out to the compost pile. I do need some sun but I’ve been too triflin’ lately. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Weatherwise, there’s supposed to be a slight chance of rain again. Hopefully, it will materialize.

My DD called late this afternoon. I was getting ready to eat my salad so we talked for less than a half hour.

It’s after 10 and I still haven’t printed the cards. Good night!

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