I’m wearing fat pants.

Since tomorrow is going to be a busy day, I elected to do my laundry tonight. Three pairs of around-the-house pants left me with none to wear. I hunted and found some I used to wear Before Raw. To keep them from falling down, I lapped them over a full 12 inches at the band and used a safety pin to fasten the folds. They’re still loose. Hard to believe I used to be that big.

I stayed in bed so long I had to cut some corners to get to church on time. For a little while, I was thinking I needed to leave before I could fix any breakfast but I managed to whiz up a smoothie. Part of it went into a jar for the trip.

100% Raw Food

32 ozzies OJ/strawberry smoothie
36 ozzies OJ (when I got home)
Kim chee
4 persimmons of the Fuyu variety
Kim chee
1 Bubbies pickle
Large salad of romaine, tomato, red onion, cucumber, dressed with cashew dressing
Another Bubbies pickle

I took the sour frozen peaches to church with me and gave them away to the first unfortunate person I encountered. She was glad to get them and I was glad to get rid of them.

Wouldn’t you know, the congregation was encouraged to pick out Christmas songs for the song service and they are my least-practiced. They are also some of the most difficult to play. I muddled through and lived.

It was two hours until visitation when I got home. I ate everything from the OJ on except for the salad and second Bubbies pickle before I left again.

I went by the cemetery and checked on Mother’s grave. Everything was in place. There was a silk hibiscus that had blown over to my grandmother’s stone so I stuck it in the ground in front of it. My sisters want to put arrangements on our grandparents’ graves. I hope they can take care of it the next trip over. Checking on Mother’s is all I can handle at this point. I hardly ever visit my father’s grave. That cemetery is ‘way up at the north end of town.

Dub is at the funeral home right where the highway ends at Market Street. There was a policeman and a man from the funeral home in the street directing traffic. I thought, “Mercy!” It wasn’t Dub’s fault. There was a fire engine blocking the right lane of the intersection. The policeman indicated I could go on since I was headed for the funeral home. Even though Dub wasn’t the cause of the detour, I had a time finding a place to park. There were 13 siblings in the family and I think all of them had large families, too. The family, alone, could fill up a parking lot. I saw some familiar faces on the way in. Dub didn’t look so familiar. He had a very ruddy complexion but he was pale in the casket. His baseball cap was on the side. That was my first experience seeing him without it. He did have on his overalls which always suited him. I’d already signed the book and picked up a folder. The folder doesn’t give a lot of information, just his name, date of birth, date of death, and particulars about the service and where he’s to be buried. He was only 77. That seems younger and younger the older I get.

His wife was sitting flanked by relatives at the end of the casket. We hugged and I expressed my sympathy. She said Dub thought a lot of me—that I had bought a lot of stuff from him. My mother-in-law used to say So-and-So loved her for her loaves and fishes. Kinda made me wonder but I’m sure that’s not what Dub’s wife meant.

I’d left the house at 4 and got back at 4:40. I’d fixed my salad before I left except for adding the tomato and dressing. I finished it up and ate.

My sister called and left a message on CallWave. She sounded a little desperate so I got offline and called her back ASAP. No mention of the problem so I was surprised to find out she was having trouble with her printer and thought I might be able to tell her what to do to fix it. Well, I know I’m a Miracle Worker but not on printers at that distance. We have the same brand but not the same model and I’ve never had the problem she’s having. I advised her to either go to the web site for help or call Support. We caught up otherwise and hung up sooner than usual. She was trying to get her Christmas letters done. It had snowed there today after raining last night and this morning.

Another sister just e-mailed it’s snowing at her house. I’m beginning to feel left out. The temperature is 50 with no precipitation. There isn’t much chance. It would make my shopping excursion a little difficult if it did snow here.

I need to wind this up and get to bed. Good night!

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