My automatic update is driving me crazy.

It won’t install one of the components and when I clicked on “more information” the solution is no solution at all. WAHHHHHHHHH!

It was after midnight when the light went out this morning. I have to do better tonight.

This morning was vision therapy. Not getting enough sleep showed up in how well I did—or didn’t. I could have been happy to stay on the bed with the warm cloth covering my eyes. I did a few of my exercises, body-wise, even though it was Wednesday. No law against it.

100% Raw Food

21 ozzies grapefruit juice
36 ozzies banana/romaine/red leaf smoothie
4 tomatoes with 2 cucumbers
3 bananas with raisins (Roger’s “oatmeal”)
Kim chee
2 persimmons (one of each variety)
3 cups salsa with avocado

There was a long department head meeting this morning. It was cold as kraut in there. I waited until after it was over to have my breakfast smoothie and it was noon before I finished it.

I dropped by to see my friend’s roommate on the way back to the office. She said to let her know she was asking about her. Before I went to the hospital side, I signed up to give one of the residents a Christmas gift.

While I drank my smoothie, I typed up the department head meeting notes I’d taken. Before I was moved into the supervisor position, none of us ever had any idea of what went on in those closed-door sessions and it was most frustrating. It was like it was all a big secret. I don’t think it was a power play on the part of my predecessors. I believe it never occurred to them to share. There’s so much that goes on that has nothing whatsoever to do with us that the things that do can get lost in the shuffle.

Before the afternoon was over, I dashed into town to mail a card and catch the people at the roadside stand before they folded their tents and silently stole away. The only thing I got was tomatoes and they were expensive. I’m going to have to eat more bananas and quit buying wintertime tomatoes that aren’t that good, anyway.

I talked to my friend this afternoon. She didn’t get to come back today but thinks she’ll be able to tomorrow.

My DIL called me right before I was supposed to leave for the day and wanted to know what we are doing for Christmas. We tentatively settled on my going to their house. I don’t know if I’ll just go for the day or for a couple or three. I guess we’ll see. She was at work, too, and said she’d call me again some other time to finalize. She was asking if my DD and merm would be coming down again. I told her I have an idea they’ll be heading for the West Coast.

Just fooling around tonight, out of curiosity I googled my name and found this:

Today I went to a local raw food meeting. This is the second time I have gone to the meeting, and, this time, the only reason I went was because Tommie, she of, emailed me that she would be there.

Boy, that was fun to meet Tommie. She looks just like her photos — gorgeous. The best part for me, though, was her gentle Southern way and her lovely Southern accent. I was thoroughly charmed by her (okay, I have been in awe of her since I first met her on-line), and totally fascinated with her ability to deflect an undesirable situation in a very charming manner — I was absolutely in awe. (I wish I could be so gracious) I was so sorry that I could not spend more time with her… I mean, she was in my territory, and may never be again, and I wanted to sit beside her and share, or else sit at her knee and absorb wisdom and Southern gentility (I left home too young).

That was posted by Margaret, a woman I “met” on the Yahoo raw food forum. Besides being quite striking in the looks department, she must have bad eyesight. I was unaware she had written that after we met face to face in New York. It’s nice she had a good impression of me. I would have liked to have had more time to visit with her, too.

The crock has been burping. When everything is quiet, I can hear it go “Ploop!” and I know it’s working.

I’m sleepy. I don’t do well with not enough shut-eye. I’ll turn in as soon as I finish this. Good night!

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