“Food is my medicine.”

That’s what was running through my head when I woke at 4 o’clock this morning. I lay there for another two hours and rolled out at 6. That was after getting to bed after 11:30. I’d been trying to backup the forum and the download would keep stalling. I left it trying to resume and it had downloaded about half of it before the connection went down. I finished it in the daylight. Dratted dialup!

I’d dreamed about my mother. We were in a house I’d never seen before but it was, evidently, home. Mother’s bedroom was large and airy with a louvered window in the door. I can see it all now. Funny how the mind works. Anyway, she had turned some of the slats one way and some another so anyone could see in. I had to fix them. As much of a procrastinator as I am, I’m kind of anal about such and am continually straightening things.

“Food is my medicine.” The phrase kept going through my mind over and over. It’s really true, you know. Food can be healing. It can also hurt which can make it poison. At least that beat “Second Hand Rose” that’s been serenading me since the talent show. And there it goes again.

I did ALL of my exercises—even the chair pushups I forgot the other day. I think I did an 81 second pushup but I didn’t write it down. I know it was well over a minute.

100% Raw Food

20 ozzies peach/OJ/agave smoothie
32 ozzies OJ
Kim chee (mine, both rinsed and not)
30 ozzies banana/peach/spinach smoothie
3 persimmons
Large salad of romaine, tomato, sweet onion, cucumber, dressed with cashew dressing

I forgot the half avocado I had in my salad yesterday.

My project for my Holiday Gift Exchange person (I’d link to the topic but it’s in a private area of the forum that’s for members only) took up a lot of my morning. I’d been trying to come up with something for days and couldn’t think of anything when it came to me. I can’t say what it is because she might read this. Telling the gender doesn’t give anything away because none of the men cared to participate. Not that there are that many men, anyway. Raw food forums seem to be the province of mostly women. We’ve tried to figure out the reason for that and have never really come up with an answer.

DD called me early afternoon and we talked for just over an hour. She has had the do-lessness, too, so maybe it’s genetic. Or hereditary. (Are those the same things?) There was something she was going to have to buckle down and work on after we hung up. The bulk of our conversation was taken up with suggestions for my blog. I don’t remember all of them so maybe she could jot them down in an e-mail and send them to me. Hint, hint!

Plans were for my DS and his family to head South from Indiana today. I haven’t heard from them so I’m going to believe that no news is good news.

I’d been on the forum off and on today and just checked. There are 12 more topics in the recent posts. No wonder I can’t keep up!

Twinkle is down to three medallions after she eats the one in her bowl. I’m stretching everything out with dry food. She loves it but it sure slows her down.

Speaking of slow, that’s me at the moment. I was going to get everything done for the next batch of kim chee but I ran out of time. I did get the napa cabbage washed and cut up. It’s in the fridge waiting for morning. I’ll put it in the brine to soak and finish it up tomorrow evening.

The rain never really materialized. Chances are near 100% tonight and tomorrow. The steps were wet but it was only misty with a few sprinkles today.

The hour grows near when I must be in bed. Good night, all!

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