Today is day one of a four day fast?

I don’t know. I may cave tomorrow. I’m not too good at fasting. The longest I’ve ever gone is 36 hours.

This morning it was my vision therapy.


Except for lemon juice in three of my glasses of water
I drank over a gallon of water all told

It was beautiful again today until afternoon. I walked three laps.

I’d peeked in my friend’s room and she was still in bed. Imagine my surprise when later, one of the registrars told me I had a visitor and she walked into the office! She sat down and we talked. It was nice having her in my territory for a change.

Praise the Lord for WordPress and my SIL for updating it for me! Opera hiccuped and closed without my saving my post. The auto-save feature worked the way it’s supposed to and I didn’t have to recreate anything.

Talk about hiccups! I have them. The power of suggestion?

I took off work early and made it into town just as the people at the roadside stand were starting to pack up to leave. I bought some cucumbers and a red sweet pepper. Hopefully, they will hold up and not rot before I get a chance to eat them.

The promised rain started just after I made it inside a little before 4. It kept it up until after 9. I don’t know how much is in the gauge (I’ll check it in the morning) but the valley got over half an inch.

Well, folks, I’m going to turn in. Good night and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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