It was another cold day.

According to WeatherBug, the low in town was 22 degrees. It “only” got down to 25 here.

I got to bed late last night and overslept this morning. I didn’t have time to do any exercising.

100% Raw Food

27 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/mixed berries/spinach smoothie
4 bananas/1 large apple Apples with Snow
3 tomatoes
2 cucumbers
24 ozzies OJ
2 persimmons
2 tomatoes/chopped onion with Frontier Organic Curry Powder
Romaine wraps with some of the preceding tomato mixture and guacamole

The rest of my persimmons came. They were all in good shape. When I picked them up, the woman at the post office asked if I were getting stuff from eBay or what. I told her they were persimmons and she didn’t know what I was talking about. I said they are fruit. When she asked what they taste like, I was stumped. A persimmon tastes like a persimmon. I don’t know of anything else they resemble. She said she didn’t grow up around here so she isn’t familiar with them. Come to find out, she grew up in the county where I live! I told her that’s “around here”. I offered to open a box and let her see a persimmon for herself. She took me up on it and was intrigued by the tomato-looking fruit. I tried to give her one but she wouldn’t take it.

My friend seemed in a better frame of mind today. She agreed to go to church tomorrow so I’ll get up and get around in the morning.

I’m late getting to this tonight because I forgot I needed to unpack the aforementioned persimmons. I’m going to get off here and go to bed.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

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