Storms are in the forecast!

There’s a 30% chance of rain tonight and a 50% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. I do hope they materialize. The roads were wet on the way home this afternoon but there was nothing in the rain gauge.

I had 20 minutes to exercise this morning so I did my BodyFlex.

100% Raw Food

16 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/mango/spinach/agave smoothie
34 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
3 large tomatoes
4 persimmons
1 Bubbie’s pickle
Romaine wraps with guacamole and tomato chopped with sweet onion

When I went into the break room to eat my tomatoes, one of the doctors came in. He wanted to know if I’m still a vegetarian. I told him no, I’m a vegan. He asked me what the difference is so I told him a vegetarian can also eat chicken or fish, though I never ate any flesh foods myself. A vegetarian can eat dairy and eggs. Since I no longer eat any animal products, I’m a vegan. He said, “You don’t eat anything with eyes?” I said potatoes have eyes and he came back with, “You got me there.” He was telling me he eats bangus eyes and belly. I did a little research on the WWW and found that the belly is very fatty and, supposedly, delicious. Can’t prove it by me. He was telling me about the roasted pig complete with the apple in its mouth. People vie for the tail, feet, and ears because they are crunchy. He laughed and said he guessed I thought that was gross. Well, yes, but he’s the one eating it, not me. I feel sorry for the animals. That doesn’t keep them from getting slaughtered.

Let’s change the subject. I called the roadside market and she still had some romaine. I went by and got three heads that are still sound and she threw in the fourth for nothing because it was beginning to show signs of age. I brought it home, trimmed it, and had most of the heart for supper.

I forgot to turn the heat down when I left the house so it was toasty when I got in. I wish I could afford to do that all the time but I can’t.

It’s ‘way too late for me to be up. I’ll pay for it tomorrow. I’ve been reading posts on the forum. They are too interesting for my own good.

I’ll bid one and all a fond adieu and sweet dreams for each of you!

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