Cold weather has finally hit.

The low last night was 27 degrees F. As my mother would say, “BOOSH!” It was 39 when I walked in the door after work.

I was up and did my vision therapy since it was Wednesday. I have no idea how long I exercised my left eye on the first part of the routine. I’d set the timer for four minutes and forgot to start it. Today, my left eye almost measured up to the right.

100% Raw Food

21 ozzies OJ
28 ozzies banana/mango/spinach/agave nectar smoothie (delicious!)
3 banana 1 apple “Apples with Snow”
5 small tomatoes, 2 cucumbers
3 wonderful persimmons, finally ripe enough to eat and enjoy
3 tomatoes
Medium salad of romaine, cucumber, tomato, sweet onion, with cashew dressing

When I went to the nursing home to check on my friend, she was sound asleep. I left her alone and figured I’d stop by her room later. When I did, she told me she didn’t like it there. That didn’t surprise me at all. She wouldn’t be happy anywhere except in her apartment and she isn’t ready to handle that on her own. She told me to let the pastor know where she is.

My persimmons came in, all but one box. I’ll see if it comes in tomorrow. If it doesn’t, I’ll get in touch with Dario. Bless his heart, he has lost so much money because of a glitch in his shopping cart. Ever since I started ordering from him, no matter how many boxes I ordered, it charged me for shipping once. I even put the word out that he had the best deal going. It’s still a wonderful deal since he only charges what the Post Office does. I figured up the price on the persimmons and they average just a little more (including shipping) than Wally World does for fruit that’s anywhere from half the size to a third. In some cases, Dario’s persimmons are four times the size of the others. Plus they are a deep orange which signifies more vitamins. Wally’s are a pale yellow. Another plus is the packing. I get loads of lemons that I share with anyone who will take them. That makes them cheaper for sure for sure.

The copier man is supposed to come see us tomorrow and get the copier right once and for all, I hope. Turns out the part never was ordered because the person doing the ordering wasn’t well acquainted with the process. To top everything off, I tried it again on a hunch and it works! It didn’t work yesterday.

Even with the downright cold temperature last night, the parsley is still beautiful. I was going to dig some of it up to bring it inside but I may just protect it when there’s supposed to be a hard freeze. It’s tastier, too.

It’s after 10. I need to get myself to bed so I can be up and at ’em again tomorrow.

Good night!

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