I need more hours in the day.

I woke a little after 5 and got up at 5:30 since I had more to do this morning than usual. I exercised for something like 40 minutes and included a 74 second pushup.

The rain gauge had a half inch of precipitation in it. That’s better than nothing! Cold weather has come in with the change in the weather. Right now, it’s 33.8.

100% Raw Food

22 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/green curly leaf smoothie
4 bananas
2 cucumbers
1 bag freeze-dried jack fruit
Kim chee
5 small kiwifruit
5 smallish tomatoes

I left for the Mother Ship about 15 minutes earlier than I’d planned because I needed to pay out my hard-earned money for high priced fuel. It was up to $2.89 out here on the mountain but I saw it close to $3 a gallon for unleaded regular in the valley.

There was a slight side trip to drive by Mother’s grave. The arrangement was intact but the place is grown up.

I parked on a steep hill on the upper part of the parking lot. Seems like the wind always blows up there and it felt like it was coming off a glacier today. Human Resources is most of the way down the hill. I stopped in and used the facilities plus took advantage of the phone to page the fellow who was making sure I made it to the right place. The battery in my cell phone was dead as a doornail. Fat lot of good it would do me. Maybe I could fake someone out with it.

When I came around the corner, there was part of the group. One of the women and I had a gripe session about how people don’t understand everything that goes on in our departments. She had worked in my area a few days several years ago and was blown away at all we are expected to do. What she doesn’t realize is that the duties are greater in number and more varied than they were then and we are supposed to handle everything with fewer staff members. Arrrrrrrrgh!

So many people had shown up for the session that we had two adjoining conference rooms. Several of the ones I know hadn’t seen me for a couple of years. Some of them didn’t recognize me. One wanted to know how I had recycled my fat so I gave her my card. She assured me she would look me up tonight. I warned her it wasn’t something many people are willing to do.

There was a fellow who was about seven feet tall that was in charge of the meeting. If we get the enhancements to the system that were demonstrated it will be nice. We got out earlier than planned but it was still late enough I would have gotten back to work not long before I was supposed to leave.

I decided on going out to the university and getting some things from the store. I managed to find raw pine nuts! I got some other things, too, like Bragg Organic EVOO. They also had raw organic sunflower seed for less than $3 a lub.

When I got through with my shopping, I called my sister and made sure she wasn’t heading out somewhere. I went to see her and we had a nice visit.

The Asian market closes at 6 so I left at 5 so I’d have plenty of time. I hadn’t counted on rush hour. When we have that here, it might be half a dozen cars I have to contend with. It was bumper to bumper and crawling. I still made it with about 20 minutes to spare. They had nothing I was looking for. No napa cabbage and the daikon was the size of baseball bats. The young man told me they’ll have an extra case of young coconut on Thursday but I won’t be going back down for awhile what with the increase in gas prices.

It was on to the organic market and I’ll be using a lot of commercial romaine. They had two heads of romaine and I got two of red leaf. I bought two large containers of spinach that should do me a couple of weeks. The use by date is 11/18.

ALDI didn’t have much to offer but I got what I could. It was already well after dark so I didn’t attempt anywhere else but Wally World. I was glad to pull into my driveway. It was pretty cold. I made quick work of putting stuff in the other fridge and came on to the house.

Twinkle has been fed, I’ve eaten all I’m going to eat today, and I’m going to shut this down. I’ve finished downloading the current lessons on to the end of the year and I’ll work on burning them to CDs tomorrow evening.

Good night!

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