I heard a little rain shower tonight.

I hope that isn’t all there is to it.

I was up before daylight as per usual during these late fall days. By the time I did all my preliminaries, I had 20 minutes to do my BodyFlex. Period. It was nice to get up and not feel like I was suffocating in the dark. The sun came up not long after I got out of bed.

100% Raw Food

23 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
32 ozzies banana/red leaf smoothie
2 large tomatoes chunked up with 2 pickling cucumbers
2 persimmons
6 (I think) tomatoes of various sizes
Guacamole on romaine leaves with finely chopped tomato and onion (Woohoo! it was GOOD!)
Marinated mushrooms

I got to work a couple of minutes early, even. It was very busy today. The last person who worked on the time study failed to forward it to the next person so I had the luxury of having enough people to do the registrations. It was a good thing because one of the registrars was having a terrible time with incomplete orders and had to spend a good part of the morning on the phone getting them straightened out.

When I took the things over for the courier, I went ahead and did three laps. That was the only time I got out to walk today. It was beginning to cloud up and the wind was blowing. I kept my sweater on.

My friend has decided she is going to go into rehab to strengthen her legs and back and generally get back in shape before she attempts the apartment again. She was worried about the red toaster I gave her but her daughter assured her she would keep it for her.

I contacted the older couple and found out they have a CD player. I’m in the process of downloading the Sabbath School Lessions from adventistconnect. I realize we aren’t in the South Pacific but the poor man is about blind and can’t study his lesson properly. This should help. I’m aiming for getting them to him by, maybe, Thursday—Friday for sure. I found out about the site from the current lesson discussion on PineKnoll.

I checked on my friend several times today. Her daughter was with her for several hours this morning and her other daughter called from Mexico. That boosted her spirits a lot.

There’s a freeze warning out. I wanted to get some of the parsley in before that happened but it may not get that cold here tonight. I called the elementary school and found out they still participate in the WeatherBug program. The principal said the computer must just be offline. He was going to have his “technical person” check it out. It still isn’t back up.

I was thinking it was Thursday that I have to go to the Mother Ship for a training session but it’s tomorrow. Kind of disappointing because I was wanting to go to the Asian market on the way back. They get their produce shipments in on Thursdays.

I’m yawning and my waterbed is calling to me. I’d better feed Twinkle and turn in. Good night!

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