There’s not a whole lot to write about tonight.

I got up about 7:45 and the sky was just barely getting light. It should be better tomorrow!

100% Raw Food

36 ozzies OJ/strawberry blend
Kim chee
A young young coconut
5 banana “milk”
Large salad of romaine, red leaf, tomato, sweet onion, cucumber, with cashew dressing

Surely I ate more than that but I can’t remember anything else except for sampling the marinated mushrooms but that was about half of one. Not sure that’s enough to count. [I remembered 3 small kiwifruit when I was thinking about it this morning—Sunday.] I have 45 persimmons and not one of them is ready to eat. Frustrating.

Going down the mountain, I got behind a car which was behind a tractor that was going 15 mph top speed. Several more cars came up behind me. There were many places the tractor driver could have pulled over and let us by but he doggedly continued until we got to the bottom. THEN he pulled over. I was late to church as a result.

The organ was the only instrument for Sabbath School but one of the ladies volunteered to play the piano for church. We did okay until time for the closing song. It was “Wondrous Love” which is beautiful but a challenge to play without practicing. The pastor hadn’t sent me the hymns or I would have gone by the church on the way home yesterday and not practiced on the congregation. The piano and organ play the closing hymn for the recessional (it provides some continuation) but I wasn’t about to continue to murder that song. It’s appropriate that it is in an interminably minor key. I flipped to the next song and hoped the pianist would forgive me. She must have. She was relieved she didn’t have to play through “Wondrous Love” another time.

I’d called my friend this morning and she was so far down in the dumps she just wanted to be left alone. Someone requested prayer for her and announced she is in the hospital. Even though she had told me it was okay to tell people, I’m reluctant to broadcast such things. I spoke up and said she had requested no visitors this afternoon.

One of my old schoolmates was at church with his daughter and grandsons. His wife has some sort of rare blood disease and didn’t come to church because her medication makes her terribly tired. It’s sad when the cure makes a person feel bad.

It never got very warm today. I wanted to go out and get some sun but I didn’t. I stayed in the house and posted on the forum.

I moved the crock to the other bedroom and had to replenish the water tonight. It’s surprising how quickly it evaporates.

Time Change and praise the Lord for that! There are people who would say it is a week late but I’d say they shouldn’t mess with it in the first place. Tomorrow, I’ll have my hour back.

Think I’ll call this post finished and say good night!

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