I feel GOOD!

I got up too late to exercise but that was just the beginning of my day.

100% Raw Food

27 ozzies tangerine juice (I’ve never seen so many seeds)
32 ozzies banana/red leaf smoothie
20 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
1 organic Golden Delicious apple
1 kiwifruit
2 cucumbers
Marinated mushrooms
2 sorry plums
4 tomatoes, diced, with Tajin
Medium salad of romaine, red romaine, cucumbers, tomato, too hot onion, dressed with cashew dressing

When I was on my way into the hospital this morning, I met a lady I’ve known for years. She has seen me off and on but not without a jacket or sweater or something loose-fitting, I guess. She saw who I was once the sun got out of her eyes and, after the initial greetings, she said, “You’ve lost a lot—a LOT—of weight, haven’t you? How much?” I told her it was about 60 lubs. Actually, it’s more than that, but I round down instead of up. She asked, “Did you need to?” I said I’d been having chest pain and gallbladder problems, plus other things. She said, “I always thought you were so pretty” and then she quickly added, “not that you aren’t now!” Well, that’d make me wonder but I’m not out to win any beauty contests. She remarked that I might ought to put some weight back on but I told her I was just about where I want to be. She didn’t ask for my secret and I didn’t volunteer it.

It was a beautiful day for walking and I managed to get out and walk twice today, three laps each time. Plus, I had a picnic with with my second smoothie and apple. That made a full hour outside. Woohoo! It really perked me up and got me out of the dreariness of trying to analyze something that defies analysis—my staff. If they had set duties it would be simple but they do a hundred different things in a day’s time. They wear many different hats and all in public. They have to deal with anything and everything and keep smiling. There are some truly good moments and some that will try your very soul.

I called and checked on the older couple and the gas was turned on yesterday as promised. He said the furnace didn’t come on this morning. I wondered if maybe it was warm enough in the house that it wouldn’t. Not knowing anything about setting automatic thermostats, I think I’ll leave it to someone who can do it. They do have the oven to use if they need it.

After work, I went by my friend’s apartment and took her some bananas and a couple of other things. She was indisposed when I got there so I left after making sure she didn’t need assistance. One of her neighbors came in with a cup of coffee for her which could be part of her problem. There are plenty of people around to make sure she’s okay.

I came home and ATE. The salad was a disappointment. The red romaine is kind of bitter and I don’t like bitter. And the onion is hot and spicy. When I went back to get another onion that was sweet and mild, they were out. The tomatoes I spent good money for aren’t very good, either. They would be okay for soup or sauce but I don’t cook them any more. Fall is not a good time for a raw foodist. I wanted some persimmons but they are still just a tad bit unripe. I’ve been eating one once in awhile but I’m looking forward to making a meal out of them.

It’s going on 10 o’clock. I’m going to bid you a fond adieu and go to bed. Good night!

PS—My DD just sent me this. I don’t know exactly where the little town is but we can all be in the same situation if we aren’t careful.

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