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Thank God! It’s Friday!

This has been a better week than the last one but it still had its trials and tribulations. I went through my exercises to, and including, a 69 second pushup. It’s taking me long enough to work back up. 100% Raw Food 14 ozzies OJ 30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie Lots of scuppernongs 28 ozzies banana/red […]

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“Fall has fell.”

That’s on a sign I see when I go to work. On the other side, the first “F” is gone and it says, “All has fell.” The temperature certainly did today. I didn’t get to bed until 10:35 last night but it wasn’t because I was doing anything but relaxing. I was so relaxed, as […]

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I’m still sore around my waist.

I soaked in the tub for awhile earlier and will soak some more before I go to bed. When I got through with the preliminaries, I had a half hour left to exercise. I went through BodyFlex and the LSEs. 100% Raw Food 31 ozzies banana/peach/spinach smoothie 28 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie 1 large tomato and […]

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I’ve been reminded of a song.

One of the forum members left a comment thanking me for posting the quote of a few days ago. It brought to mind a favorite song I learned years ago. I’ll include the words later. I had enough pain last night that it was difficult to sleep well. I woke about 2 am and didn’t […]

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This is the second post for today

The next post is the wedding post. It was reasonably early when I got to bed. I woke before 6:30 and, even though I would have loved going back to sleep, I needed to get up and start on Getting Things Done. I did all of my exercises. I cut the NT and HR short […]

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I finally got w.bloggar set up.

It’s an offline blogger tool that merm introduced me to. I don’t know how it’s going to work because the code already is different from the one WordPress uses but we’ll see. Maybe it will work, anyway. I’m in the process of studying my Sabbath School lesson and came across this: “Many of your afflictions […]

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