Here I am again, same time, same station.

I was up and did all of my vision therapy, no shaving off time. Did it all and was quite amazed at the clarity in my right eye. Left eye still has a way to go but it’s better than most people my age, I’d say. I wonder if exercising the eyes will keep cataracts from forming? Guess we’ll see, huh?

100% Raw Food

17 ozzies OJ
32 ozzies banana/red romaine smoothie
24 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
1.5 persimmon (first Dario persimmon I had to trim that much)
4 tomato “chili” (too much Tajin
Probably a half dozen romaine leaves with guacamole (too much salt)

When I pulled out of the driveway this morning, I was greeted by the sight of the neighbor’s place across the street.


I didn’t have time to grab my camera and take a picture until I got home. The effect was much better fresh. The yard and driveway were covered with paper and the house was barely visible with all that was hanging on the trees. It must’ve cost a small fortune and taken a lot of time. I have better things to do with my money—and my toilet tissue.

Halloween is when I usually put on something ridiculous and join in the fun but I just wore my shirt with three black cats on it and let it go at that. Too much going on to take time for anything else. The rest of the people in my department wore Halloween shirts and either jeans or slacks. I didn’t think about wearing jeans or I would have, too. No biggie. Other than that, there were a few goblins but I didn’t see any witches. The nursing home was well-decorated with ghosts in the trees and balloons with cobwebs in the lobby and tape around the entry saying to beware entering or some such. I hear there is candy being given out there tonight. I don’t get trick or treaters here.

The elderly man I help with his bills had called on Monday saying he had a couple of statements from doctors that he needed me to look at. He also had me look up the phone number to get the gas turned on so they could have heat. Today was the first day I had enough staff to leave the office long enough to go see him and his wife. They were both bundled up and were heating the house with the oven in the kitchen. I asked if he had called the gas company and he said yes and was told they’d be put on the list. After I looked at the bills and wrote the checks, I swung by the roadside stand (I’d made sure they were there first), found out they will be there Wednesday-Friday, got a few things, and went back to the hospital. I tried several times to call the gas company and kept getting a busy. Finally, I got a ring and it rang and rang and rang with no answer. Just before I left for the day, I called again and got an answer on the first ring. I told the lady who I am and explained I’d been at the older couple’s house and there was no heat. I asked where they were on the list. She checked and they weren’t on it at all. I told her they are both in their mid-80s and were having to heat the house with the oven on their electric range. She was horrified and said she’d have someone there this afternoon. All the men had gone home for the day but she’d have one of them go over there and take care of it anyway. I’ll call him tomorrow and make sure it was done. It hasn’t been colder than 39 here on the mountain but there’s been frost in the valley a couple of times.

I talked to my friend today. She wants us to do something this weekend. I don’t know what it will be. Maybe I could take her out riding to see what leaves there are that are turning. Fall is later and later and less colorful every year.

When I left work, the copier serviceman had gone to town looking for something to finish fixing the copier. This time, the feeder jams when it’s duplexing. Most annoying. We have to copy forms, front and back, repeatedly, over and over, every day. If what he was going to do doesn’t work, he’ll have to order a part for it.

Twinkle is starting to nose around. I think she wants some food. Guess I’d better take care of her and get ready for bed. Good night and don’t eat too much candy!

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