It was another busy day in the neighborhood.

I’ll be so glad when the time changes. The dark in the mornings really gets me down. Since I’ve been eating raw, the change doesn’t impact me physically like it used to but mentally is another matter. I don’t mind dark in the evening nearly as much. This extra week of Men Thinking to Change Times and Laws is a burden.

I had a hard time prying myself out of bed so I only did my BodyFlex.

100% Raw Food

36 ozzies OJ/strawberry blend
34 ozzies banana/apple/spinach smoothie
4+ bananas/1 apple Apples with Snow
A very young coconut
Generous 32 ozzies OJ
Medium salad of commercial romaine, tomato, sweet onion, cucumber, dressed with cashew dressing

My sister e-mailed there was one kind of sandwich at the supper the other evening that was labeled “vegan” but she had no idea what it was. Guess that would still qualify as a Mystery Meal.

It turned into a beautiful day but there was no time for me to walk. Just drinking my breakfast smoothie took me until after noon what with all the interruptions. I did take a little trip to town hoping to find the roadside stand there but it was nowhere to be found. I don’t know what happened to the plan to be available Monday-Friday until Christmas Eve. Since the courthouse is closed when I get off, I stopped by and got the sticker for my license plate. Before I got in the car, I took a piece of tissue, cleaned the spot, and applied the sticker. That’s done for another year.

The staffing analysis is coming along very slowly. I got a month’s worth of files transferred from the supervisors’ folder to Excel but I’ve only converted one day.

One of the women from the roadside market called and said she could get me a box of juice oranges for well under what I paid last time. I’m so tired of these sour oranges, I told her to go ahead. She said she could get nice romaine, too. Since I can’t keep running to the organic market, I told her I’d buy some of that, too. I stopped by on the way home and the box said “Sweet Oranges”. I certainly hoped so. A big disappointment. I juiced a dozen of them and the juice isn’t much better than the others. I’m well stocked, that’s for sure. The romaine has a good flavor but there’s a lot of waste.

I left the heat on in the house today so the kim chee could get a good start. I’d been wondering if there was any action going on so I watched the crock for a minute or two and it burped! It burped a BIG burp! And it smelled so good! I’ll give it another day or two and then move it to the other room.

I’ve fed Twinkle and I’m ready to go to bed. It’s earlier than usual but that’s good. ‘Night, y’all!

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