I had it in for myself last night.

After I thought I was ready for bed, I spied my Benriner Cook Help and I hadn’t cleaned it. I grabbed it and was hurrying to get the pieces of carrot out and found, for sure, that the blade is razor sharp. I sliced my thumb and it bled and bled. Finally, after it stopped and I went to bed, I had to turn the lamp on so I could see to get to the living room to turn the outside light OFF. In fumbling for the switch, I burned a couple of the fingers on the same hand on the hot lightbulb. I’ll have to be more careful or I’ll end up a statistic. I used a sandwich bag to get Twinkle’s food out so I wouldn’t contaminate my thumb.

Oh, before that, I decided I’d play it safe and bring my basil in. It’s in front of the window in the guest bedroom. The temp only got down to 41 but I let it freeze last year. Don’t want to do that again.

I was up with the chickens this morning and did my BodyFlex, LSEs, and a 74 second pushup. Adding a little time there.

100% Raw Food

15 ozzies OJ
36 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
28 ozzies banana/red leaf lettuce smoothie
2 persimmons of the Dario variety
Persimmon pudding from the Asian market fuyus (the last of them)
A medium salad of red romaine (I guess)/romaine/tomato/sweet onion/cucumber dressed with cashew dressing

I took time to get the rest of the kim chee mixture done and into the crock. It’s in the dining room where it’s fairly warm to get started. I’ll move it to the cool room later.

It was an interesting day at work. I was short-staffed a lot of the day but it went okay. I went to the post office and bank this morning but my services weren’t needed this afternoon. I wish I could have walked. It was cool but the sun was shining and making it very pleasant. I didn’t have time.

I worked on getting together reports to do the staff analysis and the first report for one day (July 27, 2006, to be exact) is 42 pages long. That’s with cutting out the time periods that there’s no registration on the campus. It’s going to take forever and a day to do the report, even with cutting out the weekends and holidays. And I don’t know if I can pull the data I need from the other reports I have that are part of the scrubber. Someone said something today that makes me wonder about their accuracy. Guess I’ll have to do what I can with what I have. I’ve asked for an answer on the accuracy thing but I hadn’t heard by the time I left—late.

I talked to my friend today and she seems to be doing okay. I got the idea she didn’t go to church.

My smoothie cards came today from Frederic. I’m not bowled over by them. I guess I’d be more enthused if I weren’t a Smoothie Veteran.

This was a big day for the family. My BIL got rid of his colostomy bag and will have six weeks, more or less, of convalescence. My sister (not his wife) went to the cardiologist and he agreed that her episode was no doubt brought on by being overheated and having her blood pressure drop. She’ll have a Holter Wednesday and then go in for an echocardiogram and carotid ultrasound on Friday.

Twinkle is kneading my leg. Does that urge never go away for a cat?

I called AT&T multiple times this afternoon and finally got hold of a clear-speaking person in either North Carolina or South Carolina. Anyway, she is a rep for Tennessee (go figure). She got a kick out of my saying the older I get the less I want to wait for the screen to change. She said she’d never heard it put that way before. She’s put me on a priority list for a port for DSL and said she checks her reports daily. I hope she isn’t pulling my leg. She also said it’s AT&T’s goal to have highspeed available for everyone in my area before the end of the year. I asked her exactly what that means. Well, I could go for an alternative to DSL. Like what? Well, I could get wireless for $124.95 for the card and $59.95 a month. I told her I need something more affordable. Well, I could get satellite. Not more affordable and not really highspeed, either. I insisted I want DSL. So…maybe I’ll get it before I die. She was very nice, at least, and made soothing noises.

My sister called with her news not long after I hung up with the nice AT&T lady. We didn’t talk long because I was trying to fix my salad. The phone rang again and it was the chairwoman of the nominating committee asking me to be organist again in 2008. I agreed. The phone rang again and it was someone from CitiBank. I was nice but I let her know I was busy and hung up.

That’s been my day, for the most part. There was more but it wouldn’t even be interesting to me so I’ll spare you.

Good night!

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