AVG found a virus this morning.

It was Exploit and it is no more. It was put in the vault and I emptied it.

I did my BodyFlex and half the LSEs.

My hair desperately needs cutting. I got out my scissors and snipped the ends off my bangs and sideburns. It might not be perfect but it looks better.

100% Raw Food

Almost 17 ozzies OJ
32 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie (I used the rest of the spinach yesterday)
28 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
1 cucumber with 4 Roma tomatoes
3 small persimmon pudding
4 banana/1 organic apple Apples with Snow (think I’m getting hung up on that?)
Half dozen slices of cucumber that wouldn’t fit in the jar for tomorrow

I forgot to list the D’anjou pear I ate yesterday.

It was chilly this morning. I wore my sweater part of the day and wore it home. When the mail came, I thought I might get my persimmons but nothing was said.

I didn’t attempt walking. It was almost cold, very cloudy, and windy.

It had been a couple of days since I talked to my friend. I gave her a call and she’s been busy with all the people coming by to check on her. One person took her out to eat yesterday afternoon. They had eggs, biscuits, and gravy and she wondered why she didn’t feel so good today. I didn’t say anything. I prefer not to dig my grave with my fork. She’s my friend and I’m concerned about her but you can’t make someone eat right.

Later in the day I checked and, sure enough, the packages of persimmons were at the post office. I knew they would be closed by the time I got there if I waited to get off work so I ran down and picked them up. They’re heavy little fellers. I stopped and got some bananas, too.

I ordered a crock to make kim chee and it came, too. Today was packages day. I’ll get the ingredients tomorrow night so I can get it started Sunday. I already have my list and I got some turnips this afternoon.

Humor me if I’ve said this before but the people at the roadside market said tomatoes are going to be in the stratosphere this winter. They picked me a couple of boxes this afternoon and I got them on the way home. I asked for all stages of ripeness and that’s what they picked.

There were some oranges there. I told one of them about my getting some sorry ones in town and she said she didn’t know if those were good or not. She gave me one to try and asked me to report back. Sure, I’ll try anything that doesn’t walk, swim, crawl, or fly—no parents.

One of the girls was talking about how large the lemons were Dario used for packing last year. Well, these are about the size of large marbles. I’ve never seen such tiny ones. It will be interesting to see what the flavor is like.

AT&T called before sundown and I asked, once again, for DSL. This time, he gave me a number for customer service and let me speak to a technician. I don’t know if it will help but it can’t hurt. I’ll wait and call customer service on Monday.

My salad is on the way to being made for tomorrow. I have the lettuces in a container. I cut up the onion and cucumbers and put them in a jar with dressing to marinate tonight. I’ll fix the tomatoes tomorrow and that will be it. I’ll take some bananas to eat tomorrow evening. I’ll put everything in my tote.

It’s after 9 and I’ll need to get to bed soon so I can get up early early to get there in time for church. I’d like to be there for Sabbath School, too. We’ll see.

Happy Sabbath, everyone, and good night!

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