Some things aren’t as they seem.

And some things are. I’m on w.bloggar because the server has crashed. Hopefully, nothing will be lost but only time will tell. I’ve been in touch with merm and he’s holding his breath along with my DD. I’m leaving him alone to try to figure things out. He doesn’t need me to be looking over his shoulder out here in CyberSpace.

Now, for what I was going to talk about originally. The rain rained and the wind blew off and on all night long. Along about 3 am, I heard something hitting the floor in the bathroom. When the wind blows and the rain is raining hard, it will sometimes come in through the vent. That’s what it was doing this morning. I got a container and put a paper towel in it to cushion the drops and went back to bed. When I stretched my feet out, I felt a wet spot. I knew I hadn’t had an accident so I turned on the light. The water was dripping onto my bed, too. I got a thick towel and put it where it would catch it and went back to sleep. When I got up, I folded the bedding back so it would dry. That’s the first time I can remember that I left for work without making my bed.

Before daylight, I took the flashlight and went to the other fridge to get the rest of my oranges. Before I came back in the house, I checked on my planters. They were flooded again. I emptied them and went to look at the rain gauge. At first, I couldn’t tell there was anything in it. I picked it up and it was almost full to the top! It was up to 5.5″! I came back into the house and got online. WeatherBug said .27″. When I checked it later, it was reading zero. I knew there was a lot of rain but I couldn’t be sure there was 5.5″.

I didn’t have time to exercise.

100% Raw Food

14 ozzies OJ
34 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie
2 pieces really good apple one of the girls brought in
32 ozzies banana/romaine/red leaf smoothie
4 Roma tomatoes with Tajin
16 ozzies OJ
3 cups salsa
Kim chee
Marinated mushrooms
Guacamole wraps (romaine leaves)
The rest of the romaine

It was a unique experience juggling everything along with an umbrella. Nice, though. The rain did slack off enough for me to get out and walk three laps. And the bra did work well. The straps tend to show. I don’t like that part but it surely is more comfortable.

My friend called and left me a message to call her back so now I have her phone number. Heh heh. She sounded a lot better today.

Work was so busy I didn’t get a chance to get away from my desk to eat. One of these days, I hope it will slow down a little bit, at least. Looking at the numbers you’d think we have all the time in the world but I have staff scurrying around constantly. If they do get to sit down and catch their breath, someone is sure to come in and think they are goofing off. They have to wear so many hats, it would be impossible to replace any one of them. No other registration area in the whole system has to do as many different things as they do. They are definitely under-appreciated.

I got away a little late—not terribly late but a little. I went by the supermarket and got some bananas, then on to see if the fruit and veggie people were in town. They weren’t. I need some cucumbers and more scuppernongs if they are still available. I’d promised to stop by my friend’s apartment this afternoon. She seemed more like herself today than she did last Sabbath. I left a bunch of bananas with her. She was planning to eat one of them and then have a salad. Since I needed to pick up a box of oranges at the roadside market, I didn’t stay long.

The oranges are just the right size but they aren’t nearly as good as the last ones. The juice is almost as light as lemon juice and barely sweeter. This is the kind of OJ you drink because it’s good for you.

There’s good news and bad news where the server is concerned. The last backup was 12:46 this morning which means my blog is okay but lots of hours’ worth of forum posts were lost. It could be worse. Even if I had backed it up last night, I would have lost more than that because my backup would have been earlier.

I got word from Dario that the persimmons are ready. I’ll have to order my first lot.

Good night!

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