I’m getting a late start and I have yesterday to cover.

The rain was a welcome sight when I got up and looked out the hotel window. It never was raining when I went outside, though. I didn’t miss my umbrella.

I didn’t do any exercising because I had to get everything packed up so I could check out. There was a checkout break during the morning but I like to have that taken care of.

100% Raw Food

22 ozzies OJ
1 quart blended OJ, pineapple, and strawberries
1 banana
3 bananas, blended
Kim chee
Large salad of romaine, red leaf, sweetheart tomatoes (wish I’d gotten some more of them), sweet onion, cucumber, dressed with cashew dressing

When I got to the room where the vendors had been set up and provided breakfast, there wasn’t a thing I could eat. Even if I’d been eating vegetarian cooked, I would have been limited to biscuits and scrambled egg. There was some kind of meat and gravy. Oh, I could have had juice but it was hard to tell what it was. I’m sure it wasn’t raw. I went back to the hotel and got a banana (greenish) and an apple. I haven’t eaten either one yet.

We were in the midst of a session when it hit me I hadn’t gotten everything out of my room. I ran back to the hotel, got a key card, and finished up. I apologized later to the presenter but she said she was so zoned in on the presentation she hadn’t notice my leaving. I’d wanted to hear all of it so it was a disappointment that I missed even a little bit.

The highlight of the conference was the person from Medicare. She had an excellent talk and was able to answer all sorts of questions. I have enough information to take back to the hospital to pay for the whole thing.

We got started late and ended late. It was kind of a relief not to stay for the gift exchange.

I went to the outlet mall that was on my way out and I’ve never seen it so crowded. I drove around for a good 20 minutes or more looking for a parking place. After I found one and was checking out in one of the stores, the cashier said one of the clerks had called in and said she couldn’t come in to work. She was in her car and couldn’t find a place to park. That’s pretty sad when the employees are kept from putting in their shifts.

One of the things that I desperately needed were a couple of good bras. I hate to be fishing for my straps all the time so I got two that have racer backs. I wore one for the first time today and it was so nice. I’ll really enjoy it when I’m out walking.

I wanted to get some more dress shoes from Hush Puppies but they aren’t there any more. The company that took over their space is sports shoes only.

My Christmas shopping began but not in earnest. The only things I got were the gift for the ornament exchange in my department and the one for the department head Christmas party. Plus I got some little things for the girls’ gifts. I’d start into a store and think, “I don’t need anything in there.” I told myself that until I was almost back to where my car was parked. I got in and ate my banana and left.

Oh, I did get one thing I’d been wanting—a lime squeezer.
Lime Squeezer
It’s pretty neat. I got some small lemons yesterday and it does a good job on them, too.

I didn’t go to the Russell Stover candy outlet. If I had, my sister had told me to control myself and not burst into song. She was remembering when Mother and I stood in the middle of the store and sang a duet. Now, that was fun.

Another place I stopped before I got home was Earth Fare. I stocked up on greens and stuff for the next few days.

At one point on the trip, I almost became a statistic. The lanes were going from four to three and the trucker in the eighteen wheeler beside me must’ve thought it was happening sooner than it did. I don’t know if he couldn’t see my car or if he thought it was insignificant and would be easy to squash but I almost became roadkill. The only thing I could do was slam on my brakes and hope no one rear-ended me. Mercifully, the other drivers must’ve seen what was going on and were hanging back. I praised the Lord that I was spared yet again. Had I had my wits about me, I would have gotten the number of the truck but I didn’t.

I rarely go to the supermarket north of town but I did yesterday. The prices are good and the quality is, too. The girl who checked me out was very nice and friendly. I doubt that I will go out of my way to go there again but I’ll do it if I’m in the neighborhood.

It was nice to get home. Like I said last night, it had rained. I could walk on the lawn and it was actually springy! The leaves that are left on the fig tree have perked up as have the ones on the peach trees.

Twinkle was out of food but she couldn’t have been for long. She complained about being left alone for a couple of days. I gave her the raw medallions and she ate them without whining for the other food.

I got to bed about 10 pm and got up this morning at 7:45.

100% Raw Food

14 ozzies OJ
14 ozzies OJ blended with 1 lub frozen mango
A young coconut (all the meat was spoonable)
Kim chee
Marinated mushrooms
28 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
Medium salad of romaine, red leaf, cucumber, onion, Roma tomatoes, dressed with lime juice/EVOO dressing
Romaine leaves and cucumber with Matt’s Dip

I left early and went by to pick up my friend. She met me at the door and said she’d given one of the girls at the hospital a message she wouldn’t be going to church today. I hadn’t been at work so I didn’t know. I visited with her for a few minutes and left with the instruction to just tell people she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want any visitors. She hasn’t been sleeping well and I wondered if it could be her new medication. I’d taken the names of them and looked them up. One of the side effects is confusion. I DON’T WANT TO TAKE ANY PILLS! I wish she could get off them.

During Sabbath School, I went outside to warm up in the sun. There was a definite chill in the sanctuary. When I started back in, I saw a friend standing on the other side of the porch. I’d noticed she was limping. Her knee is giving her fits if she bends it. We got back into the sun and talked until time to go in.

Church was very interesting. The sermon was a testimony by a former Southern Baptist preacher who joined our church while he was an inmate at the state prison. I remember when he was baptized back in 2000. He’s been out for some time now. He was incarcerated for 17 years–for what, I don’t know. That isn’t important, anyway. He is doing well and that’s what matters.

I was hoping to get out in the sun this afternoon but it never got warm enough to be comfortable. It would be, I’m sure, in February but it isn’t February yet.

I got word earlier this evening that my friend fell at home and was taken to the Emergency Room. I don’t know if they will keep her or not. The pastor should be able to tell me something tomorrow. She was supposed to be using her walker in the apartment. I saw it there on Tuesday but I don’t remember seeing it today. She had promised the manager she would use it. Surely she wouldn’t throw her out on her ear because she broke her promise.

It’s after 10 and I’m ready for bed. Good night!

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