I was up before 5:30 in the ayem.

That was pretty good, considering I’m normally pretty lazy in the morning and would love to stay in my cozy nest.

I did all of my exercises up to and including an 80 second pushup.

100% Raw Food

13 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
32 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
Roma tomatoes, cucumber, and red sweet pepper
A young coconut (the majority of the meat went in the freezer)
Lots of scuppernongs
3 quarts salad (romaine, red leaf, cucumber, Vidalia onion, tomato, dressed with cashew dressing) (and I’m still alive)

Good Morning America was featuring the drought in the Southeast. Sam Champion was standing on a lake bed where it should be nine feet deep. The shoreline had receded to 265 feet beyond that. It’s predicted that parts of Georgia have a three months’ supply of drinking water. Chattanooga is 17″ behind on rainfall. Wells are drying up that have always had an abundance of water. This is said to be the kind of drought that comes once in a hundred years. We are supposed to have a slight chance of rain later on this week. Pray it will come and that the drought will be broken if it can possibly be the Lord’s will. We are hurting.

I got my soon to be 6 year old granddaughter’s things together so I could box them up and mail them today. Her birthday is the 18th which is also my 6th anniversary of not drinking any caffeine drinks. It’s an easy date to remember. I used to have “tea dreams” like I’ve had cooked food dreams and I’d never give in because of the significance of the date. Maybe the Lord worked it out that way so I’d be encouraged to stick to it.

There was no telling what I was facing when I got to work this morning. I made sure I got my three laps in. Before I even got started, I was stopped by a woman who lives in the apartment complex my friend is moving into. She was all excited that tomorrow is the day.

First thing, the copier service man came in and put the new part on the finisher. Hopefully, that will fix it for good. Then he set up the cutest little baby copier for us to have in case one of the others goes down. It isn’t to be used except in a case of emergency. We found a corner to put it in and left it there. I hung a sign on it saying not to use it. That was drilled into my head on Friday.

I had a picnic when I ate my tomatoes, cukes, and sweet pepper. The day was beautiful. No rain still. Lord, please send rain! I sat in the sun for 15 minutes.

Since I didn’t have any paper to wrap presents, I made a quick trip to town and got stuff to “do up” the things. I’d gotten a box from a good friend and it was a perfect size. When I got back, I got it all taken care of and taped up to mail. Things were busy and I almost didn’t make it to the post office in time but I squeaked in with three minutes to spare.

Bless his heart, merm has been keeping on me about my plans for retirement. I went by the bank today and found out what I needed to know about my mortgage. Turns out I’m a payment ahead on it and the next payment isn’t due until mid-December. I’ll go ahead and pay, anyway, and specify it is to go on the principal.

I’m about at the end of my organic greens. I have good refrigerators or they wouldn’t have lasted this long. I’ve been amazed. I just knew my spell of not eating greens would result in the loss of a lot of them but it’s been minimal. A few wilted leaves and that’s been it. Even the spinach lasted longer than I thought it would. I’ve praised the Lord for that, too.

Time marches on. It’s getting closer to 10 all the time and I’m going to wind this up. This is when I say, “Good night! Sweet dreams! And sleep tight!” (My little girl would have said, “Sleep only kind and true and tightly and only.”)

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