The comforter will be coming out tonight.

Plus I turned up the heater on my waterbed. Last night, I’d think I needed more cover and then I’d go back to sleep without it. I would have slept better but I never roused up enough to do anything about it.

I was awake by 6 but stayed in bed for another 45 minutes because I could.

100% Raw Food

1 quart OJ (part of it blended with two large peaches)
5 good-sized bananas
Lots of little Roma tomatoes and a couple of tomato slices
Marinated mushrooms
Kim chee
The water from a young coconut and the spoonable part of the meat (the rest went into the freezer)
2 mangos
1 persimmon
2 large tomatoes with Tajin
No telling how many scuppernongs

So…as usual, the intake wasn’t adequate but that’s how it is on Sabbath.

When I was on my way to pick up my friend, I spotted something at the side of the road. At first, I thought it was big dogs but no! They were deer. There were four of them and, thank goodness, there was no traffic. I was going very slowly because I’d just pulled onto the highway. I stopped and they went across the road, single file, in front of me.

I picked up my friend in good time and we headed to church. She said she hadn’t fixed anything for the dinner. I told her I hadn’t, either. I took bananas. I fix something every time and hardly ever eat any of what I take because I do “gourmet raw” for the meals and that’s something I don’t routinely eat. Plus, there is very little I can eat of the other food. So…I just took what I’d eat today. We got to church with time to spare.

I did break raw during Communion. It’s something I do four times a year.

The pastor told an experience from years past while the symbols were being distributed. It was a very interesting story about felling some trees, the ensuing disaster, and forgiveness. He tied it in really well with the theme of the Lord’s Supper. Seems he was working in a totally unrelated job and saw some perfectly good trees being discarded after they’d been bulldozed. He asked if he could have them and sold them to a logging outfit making a tidy amount in the process. There were other trees that were going to come down but they had to be felled first. He had experience with logging so he took his chainsaw and had them all down but one. The man from the power company had cautioned him it was leaning the wrong way but he thought he could use wedges, etc., and be okay. The tree came down, alright, on a power line. He said he jumped at the last second and avoided being fried on the spot. Looking up at the tree on the line, there were blue flames dancing through the leaves. Two trucks with lots of manpower were required to get the tree off the line and make the necessary repairs. He told the man he was totally at fault and would make restitution. The man told him there were restaurants and other businesses down the line without power and losing money because of the accident. He estimated the cost at $10,000 and told him to see him the next day. When he went to meet with him, he told him he didn’t owe anything but if he EVER did anything like that again, there would be NO MERCY. Guess that’s where the analogy kind of has a parting of the ways with reality because God shows us mercy again and again and again.

We headed for the dinner after I got my bananas out of the car. They were nice and warm from the sun. One of the men came over and wanted to know if I bring my food every time and I said yes, that I’m weird. I told him I’ve been eating that way for more than two years. I gave him my card and he said he knew what it was all about but he indicated he wasn’t quite convinced. That’s okay. He doesn’t have to be. I guess he’s one of the ones that thinks you have to eat a certain amount of damaged, deranged, denatured food to live. It has to be altered some way to be good for you. What God has created isn’t adequate.

Another man came over and started quizzing me. He worked for years as a physician’s assistant and feels he is qualified to analyze me. He wanted to know if I have blood work done and I assured him I do and that everything is excellent. I unintentionally told him my glucose was considerably lower than it really is and he was somewhat alarmed. He probably won’t remember it, anyway, but if it comes up again, I can tell him. He did say that I look very healthy so that’s a plus. Now I can sleep.

By that time, I was getting hungry so I dug into my bananas. When my friend got her plate, she sent one of the boys over to let me know there were tomatoes. Tomatoes and broccoli were the only raw things on the table. There was a taco salad but it was gunked up with stuff I don’t eat. After the dinner was over, someone offered me the rest of the broccoli but I wasn’t in the mood for it. It would have probably sat in the fridge until it became a science project. It was nice she thought of me.

The physician’s assistant came over and was talking to me after the meal until my friend sent for me. We got in the car and drove over to the apartment complex where she’ll be living. She saw some old friends and got out and visited for a few minutes.

I dropped her off where she’ll be staying until Tuesday and came on home.

The rest of the day has been spent eating, e-mailing, and posting on the forum. It’s getting close to 300 members. If they were all active, I’d be sunk. I checked all unread messages today and there are 14 pages of them. No way could I get through all of those.

It’s past 9:30 and I’m going to get that comforter and go to bed. It’s the tiny postage-stamp sized one my mother used to cover up with when she’d nap.

Good night!

2 Responses to The comforter will be coming out tonight.

  1. Alisha October 14, 2007 at 4:38 pm #

    Fun day?

    Yeah I’ve had alot of people quiz me about raw, some are kinda mean and closed minded about it but others really seam interested.

    My great aunt and uncle came in yesterday and my aunt REALLY wanted to learn more. She basically spent the whole time reading about it. I think in time she may try raw.

    Well TTYL.


  2. Tommie October 15, 2007 at 7:54 am #

    I love it when someone who is truly interested has conversation with me. It’s when a well-meaning person tries to convince me I’m all wrong that I feel like hitting them in the head and screaming, “Do you realize what you are doing to your body??” But I’m generally nice and go on.

    The PA wanted to know if I don’t eat dessert. I should have told him I eat dessert—sweet fruit—all the time but I don’t think fast on my feet when I’m defending my very existence.

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