“Fall has fell.”

That’s on a sign I see when I go to work. On the other side, the first “F” is gone and it says, “All has fell.” The temperature certainly did today.

I didn’t get to bed until 10:35 last night but it wasn’t because I was doing anything but relaxing. I was so relaxed, as a matter of fact, I went sound asleep in the tub. It was when I woke up and the water was getting cool that I got out, dried off, and settled in for the rest of the night. The water drains very slowly and it was getting low, too. I’d started it draining when I got in and added some more hot water.

When I woke, I thought the clock said 6:23 but it must’ve been 6:03. I was praying that I’d be able to get around quickly enough to put in a half hour exercise and when I looked at the clock again, it was 6:11. My total was 40 minutes with a full minute pushup.

100% Raw Food

13 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
18 ozzies banana/red leaf smoothie
Smallish salad of iceberg from the cafeteria, Roma tomatoes, and cucumber with nothing else added
The water from a young coconut (delicious!)
One teensy bite of coconut (tempting Fate) (I put the rest in the freezer even though most of it was easily spoonable)
Lots of scuppernongs
The juice of 1 lemon

I filled in for the bank/post office person both morning and afternoon and will again tomorrow. That knocked me out of my walk. It was quite cool, anyway. When I got up this morning, it was under 60 in the house. I’ve closed most of the windows and have lit the gas logs.

It’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow. There’s a sign out in front of the electric company that says, “Too hot? Cool off with an electric heat pump.” Oh, well.

Nancy called and said she had nothing but three or four tomatoes. That wouldn’t be worth her while stopping by the hospital. She’s supposed to have some cherry tomatoes next week. I’ll get them and take them to the conference with me.

Twinkle was in the window again today but she met me at the front door so she didn’t get shut in again.

I’m about back to normal. My back is still sore. Muscles can sure take a long time to get un-sore. I’ll be glad when they do.

I’ve posted a little on the forumas well as on Roger’s. I’d thought he would demote me from the position as coach but he wants me to continue.

Think I’ll go soak some more. I did earlier and left the water like last night. Good night!

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