I should have gotten under my soapbox instead of on it.

This is embarrassing. I was supposed to be well. Not fully back to normal but on my way. Instead, the avocado kicked up a fuss with my gallbladder (and that’s definitely what it was this time) and I spent a lot of last night in the bathtub. Once, when I was going to get back in after a couple hours (more or less) in bed, I spied a long critter of the worm or caterpillar kind lying at the bottom of the water. I don’t let the water out. I get back in and run more hot water and that saves a little in the long run. Anyway, I have tried to find something that looked like it on the WWW and came up empty. It was long and skinny with, I think, a divided end on EACH end. It may have been just one. I didn’t take too much time to investigate. I waved it toward the drain and down it went. There was no way it could have come up from below so it had to find its way into the water. Scary to think there are such critters in my house.

Sometime in the wee hours, I gave up and took a Melatonin. When I went back to bed, I was lying there miserable with the pain. I was praying for relief. It was like I heard Something say, “Embrace the pain.” Now, I don’t embrace anything. I hug my children. I hug people from church. I hug friends, but I haven’t embraced anyone or anything since my husband left. “Embrace”, to me, is a word people use commonly who talk about things being “delightful” or “blissful” or something equally as flowery. If I seriously “embrace” someone, it seems like it’s a much more intimate act than hugging. I’m getting off on a tangent here. I finally settled on “Accept the pain.” When I did that, wonder of wonders! I was able to relax and while it didn’t go away completely, it was bearable. I’ve found a lot of pain comes from fighting against it instead of going with it.

I wrote the preceding much earlier today. When everyone should have been up getting ready for church, I called around and got the phone number so I could call the young organist to play for the third week in a row. I left voice mail and hope she got it and was available.

There was no way I was going to eat anything any time soon. I drank water. I don’t know how much I drank but, finally, I started getting my appetite back.

100% Raw Food
Kim chee
12 ozzies OJ
2 bananas
Kim chee
Marinated mushrooms
2 peaches
Small salad of iceberg (I bought it so I could contribute to lunch if I picked up my friend for church), red sweet pepper, two organic tomatoes, 2 really good small pickling cucumbers, a few slivers of Panoche sweet onion, dressed with a lime juice dressing (normally, I would have put in a spoonful of EVOO but not today!). I didn’t finish the salad. I picked out all the “goodies” and left a few bites of lettuce and the rest of the dressing. I didn’t need the salt.

About the only thing I did that took any effort, and that’s debatable, was go out and get 30 minutes’ sun. The rest of the day, I lazed around and took a nap at one point. I slept the sleep of the dead—very soundly. After my fairly sleepless night, it was a relief.

There were two avocados in the fridge. I’m staying away from them until my gallbladder settles down. I took them to my neighbor and explained to him why I was offering them to him. He said he’d have no problem because he doesn’t have a gallbladder any more. I prefer to keep mine. We’ll see.

A former attendee of the local church is getting married tomorrow. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t plan to go anywhere. My friend wants to go and has asked me to pick her up and take her. We’ll see how that works out. It’s at a private home and I have no idea where it is. I had the invitation with the directions but I took it to NY to show my daughter. It never got there. It may have been lost during a search. That would be something besides my dignity.

It’s still early but I’ve said about all there is to say about the last 24 hours. Good night!

PS: Well! I had tried using the wrong function to post this from w.bloggar. I found the right one and here it is! What about me! Good night again.

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