I finally got w.bloggar set up.

It’s an offline blogger tool that merm introduced me to. I don’t know how it’s going to work because the code already is different from the one WordPress uses but we’ll see. Maybe it will work, anyway.

I’m in the process of studying my Sabbath School lesson and came across this:

“Many of your afflictions have been visited upon you, in the wisdom of God, to bring you closer to the throne of grace. He softens and subdues His children by sorrows and trials. This world is God’s workshop, where He fashions us for the courts of heaven. He uses the planing knife upon our quivering hearts until the roughness and irregularities are removed and we are fitted for our proper places in the heavenly building. Through tribulation and distress the Christian becomes purified and strengthened, and develops a character after the model that Christ has given. The influence of a true, godly life cannot be measured. It reaches beyond the immediate circle of home and friends, shedding a light that wins souls to Jesus.” {4T 143.2}

Guess I’d better straighten up and let the trials of the past few weeks do their work. I’ve been “kicking against the pricks” and that’s not what a Christian is to do. The preceding was something I desperately needed.

This was part of my devotionals today. It was so apt, too. Seems the Lord is finally getting my attention.

Now it’s tonight. I wrote the preceding before I went to work.

I got up too late to exercise (again).

100% Raw Food

28 ozzies banana/mango smoothie (not too delicious but filling)
Lots of scuppernongs
20 ozzies banana “mylk”
2 Thai bananas (also pictured on the fruit and veggie page)
Small salad of iceberg lettuce (from the hospital kitchen)/organic tomatoes/cucumber
A few bites of watermelon (it was overripe—I salvaged what I could from the stem end and the rest went on the compost pile)
1 young coconut which was 100% spoonable!
3 tomatoes which were typical fall tomatoes
Small half of avocado left from last Sabbath

Things were comparatively calm and quiet when I got to my department this morning. A welcome change from the past four days. There isn’t a lot to report and that’s a relief. Probably not only to me. I actually was able to get out for three laps around the building once. Plus, I even got to take a lunch break which was the first time this week.

I went to talk to a person in another department and caught her looking at an Avon book. We talked while she was flipping through it. She looked up at me and said, “What kind of moisturizer do you use?” I answered, “Nothing.” She said, “I hate you!” I told her if I put anything like that on my face at all, it’s cold-pressed coconut oil. About then, another woman came in I hadn’t seen for awhile. We were all talking when she looked at me and said, “You have lost weight!” Well, yes. She wanted to know how much and she couldn’t believe I’d ever been close to 190 lubs. Well, I once was but not any more. She’s on some kind of low carb diet (I hope it isn’t Atkins) as is her husband and they are having a hard time coping with the change. She said it’s very time-consuming to try to eat healthy. It isn’t like it used to be when they could stop at Mickey D’s or Burger King. She assumed I take a lot of supplements and was suprised when I said no. I eat food. Real food. The first woman told her I take a jar with stuff that looks like algae to Department Head meetings and she can SMELL it! I guess it’s okay for me to smell their dead pig, chicken, fish, and cow bodies which have had fire set to them to make them carcinogenic. I didn’t say anything like that, though. I try to be nice. Anyway, I gave the second woman my blog and forum addresses and she said she’d look them up. She told me I look great and that’s nice to hear.

Elchanan and I spoke, briefly, today. He was impressed with how much better I sounded than when we talked on Sunday. When I thanked him for his help, he said he hadn’t done anything much but it meant a lot to me. It was nice to talk to someone who wasn’t urging me to go directly to the closest Emergency Room, take this or that medicine, or have surgery ASAP. It’s all about getting “fixed” and I just want my body to heal. The Lord made us in an amazing way and part of that is the ability to recover.

It was a little after quitting time when I left work today. I went by both supermarkets, the fruit stand, the bank, and the car wash. I got home at 6:15 which wasn’t bad, considering.

I called my friend with the intention of finding out if she still wanted to be picked up for church tomorrow but she’s decided to go close to where she’s staying. That doesn’t hurt my feelings. I was going to have to leave about a half hour to 45 minutes earlier than usual. I would like to see her but I’ll probably see her Sunday, anyway. She seems in a much better frame of mind.

Before I shut this down for the night, I’ve been doing some thinking (I know, dangerous!). At one time, I wished I hadn’t gained so much weight. I would have preferred to never have thyroid disease. I would have rather never had chest pain, or gallbladder problems. BUT if I hadn’t, I would have kept on with the status quo, had to spend hours, days, and weeks in hospitals and doctors’ offices. The first thing my friend thinks of is which doctor she is going to see. She has already called and made an appointment with the new doctor in town. For her, that’s a necessity. For me, it’s about the last thing that crosses my mind. I see my doctor, briefly, four times a year to get a new prescription for my thyroid med. Lord willing, that won’t have to go on forever. If it does, so be it, but it’s already down by half. It can go the rest of the way if He wills it. If I break an arm or cut myself so I’m in danger of bleeding to death, you’ll see me ask for help. Otherwise, I’m in the best shape of my life, even with the most recent episode of last weekend. AND, here’s the kicker: I’m in a position to share my experiences with other people so they can have the same improvement if they really want it. They have to really want it, though. If they have to grit their teeth and will their way, they’ll never make it. It doesn’t take will power, it takes Want Power. If they want good health and the most amazing energy they’ve ever had, they’ll do it. If they want to continue eating denatured, damaged, and dead foods, they can spend their money on doctors, hospitals, and medicines. I prefer to spend mine on delicious and nutritious food. I will climb down off my soapbox now and wish one and all a Happy Sabbath and good night!

6 Responses to I finally got w.bloggar set up.

  1. Fruitloop October 6, 2007 at 10:43 am #

    I enjoyed your post Tommie. Thanks for sharing. I have been really struggling with Raw the last two and a half weeks. This last post meant a lot to me.

  2. Tommie October 6, 2007 at 2:02 pm #

    Glad it was helpful, FL. I needed to go back and read it, myself. Not because raw is a struggle because I haven’t had that experience for many moons, literally. I have trouble with remembering to let the Lord work with and through me.

    God bless us, everyone!

  3. Alisha October 6, 2007 at 8:21 pm #

    Wow that quote was DDDEEEP!

    So how have you been…I’m feelin’ better…as you can tell. LOL!

  4. Tommie October 7, 2007 at 7:58 am #

    Yes, she was quite a deep writer. Amazing for a person who had to end her formal education at age nine.

    As you can see from last night’s post, my gallbladder is determined to make itself known. A good reason for me to stay off overt/covert fats, I’d say. I need to, anyway.

    Am glad you are feeling so much better! Are you over your belly soreness?

  5. Cassandra October 8, 2007 at 3:19 pm #

    Tommie, thanks for posting the EGW quote. I’m going to print it out and mull over it tonight. I posted briefly on the forum, but I’ve been really depressed lately. The quote helps put things in perspective a bit. I think I need to dig into my Bible.

  6. Tommie October 8, 2007 at 5:41 pm #

    I’ll have to post the words to one of my favorite songs. The EGW quote speaks to me but the song puts it into everyday language.

    Sorry you have been so down. Sharing helps. Don’t try to go it alone. Lean on the other members and do dig into your Bible. There’s strength in those Words and Jesus is our Best Friend.

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