It’s been another one of THOSE days.

I got up at 6:30 after going to bed about 9:45. I was supposed to do my
vision therapy but I didn’t have time.

100% Raw Food

30 ozzies banana/romaine/red leaf smoothie
A few scuppernongs
5 baby bananas
Kim chee
A few marinated mushrooms
22 ozzies OJ
Lots of scuppernongs
1 nectarine
1 persimmon

I got to work to more copier problems. This is going to be a large part VENT again. It was more of the same of yesterday except worse. A technician came to see if he could shift the print to make it print labels the way we need it to (which is correctly—I’m not trying to be unreasonable). I told him it was still jamming so he ran almost a whole pack of paper through without a single jam. Of course, as soon as he left, it started jamming even more than ever in every possible place. It has a good half dozen doors to open when it jams and it’s been described by the staff as an Easter egg hunt to try to find the right one(s). I was in the office alone this afternoon and, between the phone and the copier jamming, it took me a good half hour to register a patient. To me, that is not acceptable. There were several others waiting to be registered who gave up and left. One said she’d been there for four hours but it was really just 30 minutes. I was talking to our rep at the company and he’ll be there tomorrow. I was supposed to call in a service request and forgot so I e-mailed my evening person and asked her to. I also asked her to put a note on the copier not to use the finisher. The rep said he’ll see notes saying “Do not use!” and he’ll say, “That looks like something on one of my copiers.” If that’s true, I don’t think I’d say that to a customer. He’s a Christian, though, and maybe he is just being honest about the @#$*&! things. I suggested maybe we’d gotten a lemon and he assured me we hadn’t, that something has gotten shifted in shipping or something. All I know is, the one that we gave up worked flawlessly from the first day. It would have to have a drum replaced or need the waste toner receptacle emptied now and then but nothing else that was major and it rarely jammed. I do miss that Canon 3300! I won’t mention the brand of the new one. I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead which it will be after I push it out in the street and run over it with my car. The registration system we had back in the fall of 1999 until the fall of 2001 was much better than what we have now. Now we can mourn both it and our beloved copier.

Oh, the lineup couldn’t be changed on the labels without being changed on the other printouts so that didn’t work. The tech from the Mother Ship called and said he’ll come in the morning to get the new printer to work, plus he’s getting another printer together for the ED. That will solve one problem but we still have to copy and staple. My evening person said she went back to the ED to break charts down last night because she couldn’t copy the records on the one in the front office without it jamming.

I do want to say the people I’ve dealt with about the copier have all been super nice. If that would solve the problem, there wouldn’t be one. I shared some scuppernongs with the tech today and he loves them. I told him where to find more and he was going to be sure to go out that way.

My friend called me at work. I had another call and had to cut her off. She sounded so distressed I hated to. When I called her back, she said she felt better, that she’d been praying. She’s second-guessing coming back. She had so many problems trying to get here she wonders if it meant it would have been better to stay in Mexico. I told her that no matter whether she should have stayed or not, she didn’t. She’ll have to make the best of it here. I think her problem was that the dogs woke her early this morning to go outside and she didn’t get a full night’s sleep. Plus the doctor she used to see isn’t taking new patients. She’s considered new since she’d not been back for so long. I gave her the number to a doctor who is just starting a new practice and she was going to call for an appointment. She says she has “my Psalm” just about memorized.

Mid-morning, I went to town and got almost four lubs of ripe bananas for 82 cents, including tax, as my mother would say. I went on to the fruit stand and got some things and paid for what I’d gotten yesterday.

Nancy brought me tomatoes, sweet peppers, cilantro, basil, and I haven’t had time to see if there was anything else. She wanted to know if I could use some okra. It gives me gas so I turned it down. I had her bring more cilantro than last time. I had used all of it in one batch of salsa. My total was $5. She didn’t charge me for the tomatoes. She said they were sorry. What I’ve seen look pretty good but she said the skin is tough. I can peel them.

I saw a fellow from church today who didn’t know I eat raw! I told him I’d been eating this way for more than two years. He said he knew I was on some kind of tomato diet but he didn’t know I don’t cook. He thought I was going to use the peppers for hot tamales, but the Hot Tamale Fund is for the candy. And I don’t indulge. I gave him my card. He wanted to know if I have Before and After pictures and I told him I have Before and During and merm refuses to take an “After”. He just may look my blog up. We’ll see. I’ll ask him next time I run into him.

I’m still having pain around my middle but it isn’t deep. It’s muscle pain. I remember I’d have the same thing when I was actively married and waiting to hear from my husband when he’d be off on a trip. Instead of taking Psalm 37 to heart, I would worry. I wouldn’t take a deep breath until he’d come in the front door. I don’t like that feeling.

I’m sitting here wondering if there’s anything noteworthy I’ve left out. If there is, you are probably lucky that I haven’t remembered.

It’s almost 10. My bedtime is getting later and later. Good night!

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