Yesterday is going to be easy.

I hadn’t slept much at all night before last. After I wrote the next to the last post, finished my water, went back to bed, and tried to get comfortable. I finally drifted off for a little while and woke again.

The temperature was something like 74 and nary a cloud. I put on my bikini bottoms and camisole and lay in the sun for an hour.

100% Raw Food

1 lemon, juiced+1 gallon of water over the course of the day

I know the water isn’t food and the lemon was mixed with only 8 ozzies of it.

There was no way I was going to the ED. I wouldn’t have been safe driving and I didn’t want to call the ambulance. Living on this side of the county line, they would have probably taken me to the hospital on the other side of the valley, anyway.

I spent almost more time in the tub than I did in bed. My water bill for last month was the basic $19.95. It may double this month.

I posted a message on one of the Yahoo forums:

Morning, folks,
I hate to come on here with a cry of help (or, at least a yelp) when I haven’t been participating for so long. I’ve looked up past posts so please don’t tell me to do that. I didn’t find my answer in any of them—especially since a lot of them were mine.

On a recent trip to NYC, I ate overt fat every day except two. That would mean five of the seven. After I came home, I laid off it for three days but had the beginnings of the attack on the third. Not recognizing the symptoms (after all, it had been more than two years
since I’d been so afflicted) I ate half an avocado for my last meal yesterday.

I started chilling and was thinking it might be an old ulcer that was cropping up because of all the stress I’ve experienced lately. Then, in addition to the pain in my mid-section, it moved into my back. Aha! Maybe gallbladder? I got up in the early hours of this morning and started drinking warm water. I’ve peed a lot but I’ve also had several BMs. That hasn’t helped stop the pain. It has now moved from the center of my mid-section to the gallbladder, itself.

There is one thing I do not want to do and that’s have a cholecystectomy. However, the mother of one of my children’s friends had to have one after being a vegan for years. She almost died because she kept putting it off and it ended up gangrenous. She was in the hospital for quite awhile, recovering. I don’t want to gamble with my life and lose. I also know that’s her story and there’s a good chance mine wouldn’t duplicate it but that isn’t something I
know for sure, either.

Any thoughts?

I got an answer from Elchanan, one of the leaders of the Path of Health. He replied and asked me to e-mail him. When I did, he sent me his phone number with an offer for a conversation if I wanted. Here’s what I posted today:

Turns out it wasn’t gallbladder after all. I spoke to Elchanan at length yesterday (thank YOU, Elchanan!) and he led me through everything I had eaten since Friday afternoon when I started experiencing discomfort. He listened to all the symptoms I told him and even
mentioned some I left out. When I agreed I had all of them, he said, “What you have is GAS!” Well, I’ve seen all those commercials about gas pain but I’d never experienced it before in my 63 years (unless I had colic when I was a baby and I don’t remember that). He let me know I was doing the best thing for it—rest and drink water (sorta hard to do both at the same time). He suggested elevating my hips on pillows which is harder than it sounds. I got on the floor to do that because I sleep in a waterbed and the more you put on it, the farther down it goes. Long story short, I feel much better today. I worked up until 15 minutes before my usual quitting time and told the others I’d had enough fun for the day and left.

Moral of the story is, if the celery is tough, don’t try to eat it.

So…now you know all there is to know about yesterday. Help, pain, misery, going to the bathroom, and soaking in the tub.

Except I was in bed before 7:30 and didn’t get up until 6 am–oh, that’s today!

I put on my exercise garb and my body said, “Oh, no you don’t!” I had some bananas that needed to go in the freezer (all the food I didn’t eat yesterday) so I peeled and bagged them. I weighed myself before I drank more water and I came in at 119.6 lubs. I lost water weight.

100% Raw Food

2 large bananas blended with water to make “mylk”
3 large bananas blended with water to make “mylk”
16 ozzies watermelonade
22 ozzies OJ–drank 7 ozzies straight and blended the rest with pineapple (yummy)
1 luscious organic nectarine from DD & merm’s fruit CSA (yummy is understood)

I got to work on time in spite feeling less than 100% “at” myself. I was sorely tempted to not go in but the longer I put it off, the behinder I get.

People duly welcomed me back and gave me their complaints about the new copier that was installed while I was gone. I’m not happy about it, either, but I don’t have the power to overrule the Deciders. The one we had was the best ever and I wanted to keep it but NO!

I passed out little souvenirs of my trip—little popup sponges from the Union Square Trader Joe’s:


There were 154 new e-mail messages that I waded through as best I could. I deleted a lot of the reports without opening them because I’ll get ’em again tomorrow if they haven’t been corrected. No use to look at old news.

It was a beautiful day. The high was 83 with a few clouds in the sky. I went out and sat in the sun for 15 minutes.

As I stated earlier, I left before quitting time but not much.

The watermelonade wasn’t delicious. It made lots more than 16 ozzies but I eyed it and decided I wasn’t going to drink something I had to force myself to put into my mouth. I took the rest of it out and put it on the compost pile. I’m beginning to be convinced that watermelon season is ovah.

Well, folks, that was my day. I hope yours was better. I’m not used to feeling so out of it. Makes it even more pronounced when I do.

Good night!

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  1. Alisha October 1, 2007 at 11:01 pm #

    Well guess wut my surgery is tomarrow….I think after the surgery I will go on a raw liquide diet for a while…I really enjoy apple juice!

    Yum…I might try your watermelonade…LOL.



  2. Tommie October 2, 2007 at 8:52 pm #

    Good luck and all blessings! Imagine me there, holding your hand (if you want to). And make sure the watermelon is a good one!

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