The pantry is stocked with raw food.

I got up a little after 7 and did all of my exercises including a 71 second pushup.

100% Raw Food

18 ozzies OJ (I’d forgotten I’d left a half dozen oranges in the other fridge to have when I got home)
4 banana/1 apple/romaine/red leaf smoothie
2 organic bananas
3 ribs celery
1 7″ cucumber
2 quarts watermelon
1 quart OJ

I set out to shop at noon and got back to the house at a little before 5. Mother’s grave had been neglected lately. The cemetery was neatly mowed but a couple of pieces of greenery had been pulled off in the process. I put them back, dusted off her picture, and went on.

There were no mangos to be had at the Asian market but they’d gotten my coconut in. PLUS they had Thai bananas and PERSIMMONS! I got 14 that weighed in at four lubs. I’d seen some at the Chelsea Market that were huge but they were also $3 each. These work out to about 50 cents each and are probably a third the size of the large ones. They’ll be getting some good durian in soon and will save me one.

Onward to the organic market! I was looking for some raw pine nuts but couldn’t find them. A nice young man helped me find what they have but they turned out to be suspect as far as raw is concerned. He told me I might be able to find them at the university supermarket and asked if I knew where that was. I told him I knew when it was opened. As a matter of fact, I knew its predecessor, the College Store. My brother-in-law was manager of the old store for a few years when he was studying theology. We got to talking about fermenting veggies and I told him about the Harsch crock. He’d never heard of it. He said he and his wife were trying to add more raw foods to their diets but they keep chickens and use the eggs. He seemed a little apologetic but he didn’t need to be. I used to eat eggs, myself, and did the first four days of transitioning to raw. I gave him my card. He doesn’t have a computer but he said he’d stop by the library or his brother’s house.

Since I didn’t have my three boxes of mangos I’d ordered, I stopped at BiLo and got some Kents. One of them was organic, even. On my way out of the produce department, a lady asked me what I had in my cart. I told her and she wanted to know what they taste like. It’s hard to explain the taste of a mango because each variety has its own unique flavor. My sister came up with a good one, though. She says mango tastes like peaches should but don’t. The lady wanted to know how to fix them. I mentioned a couple of ways–just peeling and eating them and Fred’s Mom’s Salad. I told her I have recipes on my web site and was going to give her a card but she laughed and said she didn’t have a computer. She was dumb and too old to learn. I let her know my sisters all have computers and I’m the youngest of the five.

It was on to Aldi and there was no grapefruit! The man said they probably wouldn’t get any in until spring, that it’s a seasonal product. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Wally World didn’t have much of anything. They’ve rearranged the organic produce. It was in its own section but now the organic carrots are with the carrots, broccoli with the broccoli, celery with the celery, etc., etc. I like that better. It makes it look like it’s a valid product and not an oddity. I was looking for mango but all they had were Tommy Atkins.

The local BiLo just had TA, too. I told the produce man I’d gotten Kents at the other one. He said they had a lot of them recently but they’d all sold out. Ripe bananas was all I got there.

When I got the Roma tomatoes at the produce place a few weeks ago, they’d asked me to bring the basket back so I dropped it off. I got a good-looking watermelon. Hope it tastes as good as it looks.

On getting home, I called the roadside market and asked about the status of my oranges. She said to call back an hour later. I got busy and put away all the stuff and cut the little watermelon I’d bought yesterday. It wasn’t delicious and I threw away the last couple cups. I called again after an hour and they still weren’t there. The next time I called, they were supposed to be in shortly. I called one more time and they’d just pulled in. Too bad I hadn’t asked about the Romas, too. Only one person was aware that I wanted a box and she had failed to say anything to anyone else. She asked her husband to go pick me a box. He wasn’t sure there would be enough ripe to fill a box. I told him to get me all stages of ripeness and it would last longer. He wasn’t happy having to go to the field but he did and did well.

Among other things, I got a butternut squash. I got a recipe via e-mail the other day for butternut squash soup. If it’s good, I’ll post it. They had three bushels of green beans. When I was asked if I wanted some, I said sure. They are good in salad. I went out and got a few pods and wasn’t charged for them.

Even though I use my totes a lot, I get stacked up with bags. I loaded up what I’d saved and took them with me along with containers and baskets. They were thrilled to get them.

I didn’t try to carry the box of oranges. I stopped at the other fridge and loaded up both drawers and a couple of mango boxes full of oranges. I brought the rest to the house.

I separated the tomatoes and have quite a few that are ready to eat. They should be yummy since they are fully vine-ripened. Then there are some with a little green, some with a lot of green, and some mature ones that are all green. It’s cooler in this part of the house than it is in my “storeroom” so I have the ripe ones in here and the others in there.

It has taken me all afternoon to get things replenished and put away but I’m set for awhile. I hope Nancy can get me some paw paw next week.

Twinkle has been asking for dry food. She led me to the bathroom where I’d put it while I was away. I told her she’ll just have to suck it up and eat what she has. Poor thing is addicted.

It’s getting close to 10 o’clock. I need to get to bed. I don’t play the organ tomorrow but there’s a fellowship meal. I haven’t quite decided whether I’m staying or not. If I do, I’ll have to get up in the morning and prepare.

With that, I’ll say good night and happy Sabbath!

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  1. Alisha September 29, 2007 at 3:36 pm #


    wow. You sure had a busy day!

    I did as well, read my blog for more detail.


  2. Tommie September 30, 2007 at 5:57 am #

    I am honestly not trying to steal your thunder, Alisha! This is the first gallbladder attack I’ve had since starting to eat raw. It ain’t fair!

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