I’m hungry.

It’s too late to eat. I’m not going to put food of any kind in my stomach at 9:42 pm. Think I’ll drink some water later.

I was awake at a little after 7, got up and took my thyroid med, went back to bed and just lay there until 8:05, I think.

This was the first day I did any formal exercise and I did all of them. My pushup only lasted 60 seconds which didn’t surprise me. I’m out of practice. I was walking so much when I was in NY that I didn’t feel deprived not exercising. I may have been but I didn’t FEEL that way.

100% Raw Food

12 ozzies OJ
About 2.5 cups absolutely delicious mangos
1 quart banana/apple/spinach smoothie
A few red globe grapes I found in the bottom of my tote
1 quart Fred’s Mom’s Salad
One large tomato and one cucumber chunked up in a bowl

As you can see, my intake hasn’t been as much as usual. That wasn’t planned. It just happened.

I called and talked to my daughter at my sister’s house in the Great Northwest. She said the flight out was fairly smooth and she didn’t mind it once they got up to altitude. I talked to my sister, briefly, too. She was in the process of fixing breakfast.

There was no way I could get out of going to town today. I had to pick up my prescription (I still hope, someday, to get completely off it but dire things are predicted if I do). Tomorrow is going to be busy with shopping on the other side of the mountain. While I was in the valley, I went to the supermarket and got seven mangos like the ones I had today. I hope they are as good. I think they qualify as the best of this summer. They’ve gone up from 50 cents each to 69 cents each but that’s still cheap. The girl at the checkout told me she’d tried one for the first time just the other day and she loves them. She’s been introduced to them earlier than I was. I don’t remember my first one but it had to be after I was an adult.

I got to the top of the mountain and went to the roadside market. I got red sweet peppers, cucumbers, bananas, and a small watermelon. I asked about oranges and Romas and I’ll be picking them up tomorrow afternoon. The oranges are $1 more than I’d pay in the other valley but the quality is always better.

Last night, it was very inconvenient not to have the sinks in the kitchen available to use. This morning, I went out and got a bucket and washed the slugs out of it. I brought it in and put it under the drain pipe to catch any water that might leak. That will do it until I can do a permanent repair. There’s a very small amount in the bottom. I figure if it’s only leaking that much, I can handle emptying it once a day.

It’s been lazy today. I did a little more unpacking but I’m still not through. I got out the little gifties I have for the girls and got them ready to take in on Monday. They’re the neat pop-up sponges that Trader Joe’s sells. My DD and merm gave me some for Christmas (not the only thing but part of my gift) and I really like them. I’m still using the first one. They do last. I took two over to my neighbor and he was really pleased to get them. He looked at the label and was amused they are a product of France. He’s British.

We talked for a few minutes and he said we’d had no rain while I was gone. There was supposed to be a 60% chance today but it didn’t do anything. There were a few drops but they just polka-dotted the steps. It’s alarmingly dry.

He was showing me his new grill. It’s a beauty with a tiered rack with a cover and a burner on the right. He’s proud as punch over it.

Twinkle was acting all sulled up until this afternoon. She would sit on the sewing machine and glower at me. I gave her a medallion and she ate part of it. The dry food may have done a number on her stomach. She was scratching her neck until it looked like she was going to bring blood so I got some MelaGel and put on it. She didn’t appreciate my doing it but she hasn’t been scratching. That stuff is good. She may be allergic to something in the food. I put all but a little back in the bag, put that in a zipper bag, and stowed it in the freezer. When I go to my annual conference next month, I’ll put it out for her. Until then, she’s back to being a raw cat. I was sitting in my usual chair with my feet propped up on the footstool and she wanted on my lap. I let her jump up and she enjoyed being petted. She settled down and went to sleep until I had to move her to come back to the kitchen. She seems to be over her bad mood.

I have a full day tomorrow. Guess I’d better get to bed. Good night!

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