Nothing went as planned today.

It was still a good Sabbath. I got up at 5 something and took my TRT so I could go ahead with breakfast when I was out of bed to stay. I went back to bed but I was so wide awake by that time it took awhile to drift back off to sleep.

100% Raw Food

3 oranges, juiced
24 ozzies banana/romaine/red leaf smoothie
2 plums
A few bites of watermelon (a little overripe)
Yummy banana “ice cream” with Just Raspberries (dried)
A few pieces freeze-dried jackfruit (debatable if this can be considered raw)
Some homegrown tiny yellow pear tomatoes
A couple homegrown red tomatoes
A 4 banana/romaine smoothie
A sweet juicy nectarine
Corn Chowder
A small salad of romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, onion we got at the Farmers Market, dressed with Matt’s Dip
A sample of the mushrooms I started marinating yesterday

I was moving pretty slowly this morning and I don’t think anyone else was any faster. I’d planned to get up, eat breakfast, shower, and get ready for church. By the time I got breakfast, it was already to late to go. I thought the other two had showered but they hadn’t. I was the first one dressed and that was after 12 noon. It had been cloudy all morning. My DD looked up two different forecasts. One said cloudy with no rain, the second gave a 40% chance. It started 40%ing.

When everyone was presentable to the outside world, we sallied forth with umbrellas to go to the museum and planetarium. Everything seemed as usual when we got to the subway. It was a few minutes until the train arrived but not out of the ordinary. We got on and went for several stops, letting people out and on, when it stopped, opened the doors, and nothing. How many minutes went by, I don’t know. There was a young man reading The Power of Positive Thinking and following a long stretch, he looked up at me and smiled. Guess he was trying to be positive. No one moved. People who were together talked. When some youngsters started getting loud, the conductor came on the PA and said the tracks ahead were being worked on and the train would start moving as soon as we were clear to go. We were debating what to do. I suggested we could get off and walk back from that point. Before we could discuss it, the doors shut and we were underway.

Enough time had gone by that we were going to be so late it wouldn’t be reasonable to try to see or do anything. We got off at the next stop and had to wait for a long time for a train going back to come along. My suggestion to walk from that stop was met with “I don’t think so!” I figured it wouldn’t be any farther than we walked yesterday but I was the only one wanting to try it.

A pregnant woman was standing pretty close to us. She would rub her swollen belly and start “breathing”. She’d grimace like she was having contractions. She saw me watching her and smiled. Better her than me! I wondered if merm would have to deliver a baby but she hadn’t progressed when we got on the train again.

When we were walking back to the apartment the rain had stopped. As soon as I got to “my” room, I changed clothes into something more comfortable.

We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting.

I made the chowder and it was pronounced good, though not as good as the salsa I made yesterday. DD had two helpings of it which made me think she really did like it.

Speaking of recipes, I have been wanting to index the recipe page to make it easier for readers to find what they want rather than scrolling through all of them. Tonight, my daughter showed me how to do it and I spent a long time setting it up. I didn’t realize it, but there are currently 22 recipes on the page and most of them are original. The only one I’m not particularly proud of is the Carrot Pecan Sunburgers. If someone makes them and comes up with a variation that improves them, let me know.

We really are going out tomorrow. We were looking at raw restaurants online. I don’t know which one we’re settling on. I have no idea about any of them, myself. I’m sure the combinations aren’t optimal and I’ll probably be eating rich stuff I don’t need but it isn’t something I do routinely. As a matter of fact, I haven’t done it at all in the past two years and two months.

I’d been needing to upgrade WordPress for a long time. I was trying to do it with the others instructing me but my poor old computer finally went down for the count and absolutely refused. It was up to merm to rescue me and he did in fine style. I’m all upgraded and everything is working as it should. There is an autosave the other version didn’t have along with a few other visible changes and lots of invisible ones. Pretty slick. One of these days, I’ll have to get another computer or maybe I could add more memory to old Beulah. She is about the same age I am as far as computer years go. She’s taken lots of abuse and always comes up smiling. I’d hate to replace her when she still does what I need with, usually, no problems.

What is needed worse than anything is to go to bed. I’m going to back-date this to yesterday. It’s past midnight but I started this well before. I’ll be here tomorrow night, same time, same station, same URL.

Good night!

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