New York, New York!

I loved it the last time I was here and I still do. It’s big and busy but there is so much FOOD! And lots of it is within easy walking distance of the apartment.

After I’d started yesterday’s post, I went back to bed and slept until almost 7:30. Guess I got a good 2.5 hours sleep plus whatever it was before 3:something.

100% Raw Food

Several cherry and plum tomatoes
2 bananas
3 oranges, juiced
Kim chee
A plum
More tomatoes
A 3 banana/lots of romaine smoothie (my daughter helped me drink it)
A Honeybell (I think)
3 figs
A bite of apple
A banana/mango/spinach smoothie (I drank all of that one myself)
Spiralized zucchini pasta with Magic Tomato Sauce
A smallish salad of romaine, red leaf, cucumber, a little onion, and tomato with Matt’s dip (the cashews are sold as raw but are said to not be REALLY raw by the people who sell “really raw” ones)

I don’t have a reference to know how to estimate quantities but, trust me, I’m full.

We toured the rooftop garden and gathered the part of the crop that was ready. I could see the containers on a roof a few doors down. It’s obvious the harvest is about over.

Before we sallied forth this morning, I called the credit card company to see what was going on with my account. The CSR told me I had been sent a letter and new card with the same number but a different security code. When I pressed her for an explanation, she said my account “may” have been compromised so those steps had been taken. I couldn’t recall receiving a new card though I remember a red one coming in the mail the other day. That wasn’t it. She was concerned that I didn’t have the card and asked me to check and make sure. I’d already told her I was in NY so I reiterated the fact that I was in NY, would be here a week, and there was no way I could check anything at home. Upshot was, she closed that account and is issuing me a new card with a different account number. She is having it Fed-Exed to me here for $10. I told my daughter I hoped I didn’t have any more life-changing interesting moments that cost me money.

We set out for the all-consuming task of Buying Food. We went to a market that was wonderful! Not organic but some of the most beautiful commercial produce I’ve seen. I would be in Hog Heaven if I lived close to that kind of store. There are rows and rows of produce everywhere. The quality is excellent. I stuck to the things that I knew were low on the pesticide scale.

I’d taken $40 with me and was going nuts. My daughter had taken a little cooler on wheels to bring our purchases back. It was full to overflowing and I was carrying bags of things. When we got to the checkout, the lady was pleased we’d gotten so much—of course. I was holding my breath in anticipation of the total. I was afraid I didn’t have enough. My daughter assured me she had my back if I didn’t. The lady said, “$19.36.” I just about dropped my teeth. I’d gotten what would have been an enormous lot of food back in TN for less than $20! We took the loot plus a bag of onions that was thrown in as a bonus and came back to the apartment.

We had a bite to eat and got ready to go to the Big City. I don’t mind any of it and could do it on my own except for the subway system. I’m beginning to see the logic of it but it’s still a comfort to be with someone who knows where we’re going and how to get there.

First stop was a Korean market close to where merm works. The prices were higher than what we’d seen this morning but we got some things and started out again. I’d gotten us each a Honeybell (I think).

My daughter was wanting to know where we should go next. I told her I’d like to find a place to sit down and eat my orange (or tangerine as the case may be). We ended up at the library, a huge marble edifice with tremendous lions guarding the entrance to Bryant Park. I’d seen BP on Good Morning America when there would be a concert on Fridays. We sat on the steps and ate. I had juice all over my hands. By that time, I was needing some facilities. I asked her if we could go in and use the restroom there. She doubted they’d let the bags of food inside and she wanted to go to a book store close by. I told her we could take turns. One could stay with the bags while the other went in. She didn’t need to “go” so I set out by myself. The place is beautiful, gorgeous, ornate, stately, whatever you’d want to call it. I stopped at the information desk and was told I had a choice of either going down to the basement or up to the third floor. The elevators were down the hall (as wide as my house) and around the corner. I found them and the one that was available was going up so up I went. I found the WC and took care of my needs, smuggling out a damp paper towel for my daughter’s hands.

When I found my way back, my DD was visibly relieved. She wanted to know if I had my phone with me and I said no. She fussed at me a little. I asked her if she thought I had gotten lost. She didn’t know. I told her about all the walking I had to do to get to the facilities. I really wasn’t dawdling and looking at books.

We sat and watched the pigeons and the people and I was simply enjoying the afternoon. When we got up to walk again, I could feel my thighs had tightened up in those few minutes. My DD had worn flipflops and wished she hadn’t. We wandered around a little more, going by Rockefeller Center and the digs of the Today Show. I’m a GMA person, myself.

I just pulled up the concert schedule and found out Reba McEntire was there this morning. I do like Reba. She’s a sassy lady. I might have gotten up early to go to that.

It was back to the subway, having to make one change on the way. When we got off, we headed to a natural foods store that has a produce section. Things were kind of wilted and overpriced but I got some organic celery (commercial is one of the worst things for pesticide residue) and organic sun-dried tomato bits. On down the street, it was another fresh produce place with (again) beautiful commercial. I got figs, the zucchini I spiralized, and a couple other things. I told my daughter to get me out of there while we could still carry stuff.

It wasn’t far at all to the apartment. I changed into my shorts and Tabasco t-shirt and shed my shoes.

I started in fixing food, as did she. She was making an apple crisp at merm’s request. She mixed in plums because she doesn’t care for the straight apple. I was in the kitchen a lot of the time fixing my meal. I’d forgotten how setting fire to food can heat up a house. At one point, she opened the oven door right behind me. I got an inkling of an idea of how the Three Hebrew Worthies must have felt. Now she’s going to read this and get upset with me but I’ll always be in her debt for introducing me to Raw Food. I already loved you, DD, but that’s the icing on the cake that I don’t eat any more!

Just when my daughter said he would, merm walked in the door. They both made inroads on the crisp while I ate my salad. I’d shared my “pasta” and sauce before merm got in and it was pronounced good but she didn’t want any more.

Pixel, the cat, is huge. He lay at my feet last night but isn’t allowed in the bedroom. That’s the rule of the house, not mine. He has a ball of aluminum foil that he loves to chase. He gets excited when his automatic feeder starts up. He was interested in the smells on my luggage. I’m sure he was smelling where Twinkle had rubbed up against it.

The connection keeps going down here. Since I’m not doing anything critical at the moment, I’m piggybacking on the connection from the cafe downstairs. It isn’t secure but it works. I rebooted earlier today and got back on but that didn’t work tonight.

It’s going on 11 and I’m ready to go to bed. I think I’ll sleep with no trouble tonight. My DD thought merm might have some Melatonin. He looked and doesn’t any more. I really don’t think I’ll need it. I’ll bid a fond good night to one and all.

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  1. Humberto June 23, 2013 at 2:16 am #

    Excellent blog you have got here.. It’s difficult to find quality writing like yours nowadays. I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  2. Sol June 24, 2013 at 2:05 am #

    Hey there, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog in Chrome, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, superb blog!

    • Tommie June 24, 2013 at 7:44 am #

      I don’t use IE myself, but when I checked it in IE 10, there was no problem. Do you have your browser set to update automatically?

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