Can’t sleep. Might as well blog.

I slept a few hours but it was such a wild and crazy day I’m still wired. Right at the moment, it’s 4:13 am and I’m fairly wide awake.

Let’s see…I didn’t do my vision therapy yesterday morning because I didn’t have a whole lot of time. What time I did have was spent doing last minute things. I got Twinkle’s food in the feeder and she was in Feline Heaven. She acted like she couldn’t believe her eyes and kept going back for a snack and just to look.

100% Raw Food

18 ozzies OJ
8-10 organic cherry tomatoes
34 ozzies blended bananas (drank it on the way to the airport)
2 bananas between flights
3 bananas inflight
Cherry tomatoes, a plum, one small tomato

Caution! There’s lots of detail here!

I got the rest of the packing done, loaded, and was on my way by 9:30. When I was pulling out of the driveway, it dawned on me I’d left my GPS. I didn’t go back since I was On a Mission to get to the meeting place on time. I’d hung the bag of the remaining nectarines and Romas on my neighbor’s back door and took the rest of the greens to the hospital for anyone who wanted them.

There was time to spare when I got to the hospital. I dashed in, left the greens, pottied, then went back outside to wait for the pastor’s wife (she does have an identity other than that). I waited and waited some more. I didn’t have a bulletin with me (I’d also cleaned out the car in case we needed to drive it to the airport). The contact info for the pastor is printed on the back. I tried to call their house and got a busy signal. There was one other option I could think of to get the pastor’s cell phone number and that worked out. I knew the PW’s wife’s number was one digit different and I was able to reach her just as she was driving up to the hospital.

She apologized for being late and said she had gone online to get the directions to the airport. That was unnecessary, really, because I’d been to the airport many many times over the years and knew the way like the back of my hand. We got my things transferred to her van and took off.

At the next town, she stopped to get gas at a Murphy station. I was surprised she wasn’t using a Wal*Mart gift card to buy it since it’s several cents cheaper on the gallon that way. I didn’t have one with me but I offered to put the gas on my card since we were going to the airport because of me. The sun was at such an angle I couldn’t see the selections and succeeded at canceling the transaction. That happened more than once and I ended up getting my credit card locked (I still need to call and have it cleared). She used hers and we were back on the road.

We had a wonderful visit on the way and found out lots about each other we didn’t know. The trip was uneventful, otherwise.

I kept glancing at the clock on the dash and thinking that we were going to barely make it to the airport, if at all. The PW offered to park and come in with me but it was getting critical for me to move as quickly as possible so I told her I appreciated it but I’d go on. I got my bags and made a dash for the check-in.

There was someone already at the curbside check-in which made me even later. When I got up to the counter, I was told the flight was closed and I’d need to check in inside. It was still something like 20 minutes before it was supposed to leave so I went in and got in line. I wasn’t aware that I needed to check in at the kiosk so here I was, first on one foot and then on the other. One of the customer service people noticed me and came to my rescue. She took my info and reiterated that the flight was closed, boarding, and I would have to go to the other counter.

My bags and I followed the directions to the nice man at the next counter. I told him I’d have to reschedule. He said there were two options. I could get a flight from there to Atlanta, and then on to NY that would arrive at 7:15 or I could get a non-stop to NY that would land at 7:20. I couldn’t see any future in sitting in a terminal when I could be in the air so I chose the one to Atlanta and then on to NY. He looked at me kind of funny but that was okay. He said, “That will be $50.” I pulled out my credit card and it was rejected. I’d taken a small stash of cash for incidentals while I’m here. I hated to dip into it but there was no alternative.

It was an hour and a half until my flight. I figured I could at least go to the bathroom in the meantime. Good thing I did.

When I started through security, the agent said, “You see the four “s’s” on your ticket? That means you have been selected for a thorough search.” Well, wasn’t that spashul?! I was herded into a roped off area already occupied by a young woman and a wheelchair-bound older lady. We were later joined by a couple of men.

We stood there and waited. And waited. And waited some more. I was glad I had plenty of time to waste before I had to be at my gate. Finally, a woman came and got the young woman and the wheelchair lady and took them away. I’m not good at standing still for long periods of time but I was fortunate I’d chosen to wear my most comfortable sandals. The reason I had was so they could speed me through security! No need there!

A young man came and got me. My belongings were put in red containers instead of white ones along with the aforementioned sandals. He started them through x-ray and told me to stay there for a minute. I did as I was told (I’m an obedient soul, if not too bright) and another blond woman started through ahead of me. She was going on her way when the young man grabbed her and hauled her off, thinking she was me. He was abashed when he discovered his error and let her go. It was back for barefoot me.

I asked if I could put on my shoes but no, I had to pitter patter around the Nashville airport without them. I was next taken to an area where there were machines and pads on the floor with indicators for feet. A female agent explained the process, had me stand on a pad with my feet on the “footprints”, and patted me down. She let me put on my shoes then, and did a cursory search of my laptop bag and tote. I passed and was allowed to go on my way.

I found a pay phone and called my SIL to let him know what was going on so they wouldn’t expect me to land at 5. He said my daughter was currently in a meeting but he’d let her know. I was sitting there, trying to recoup when a man came up and said he was going to have to service the phone. I dragged myself out and went on to the gate which was, mercifully, just around the corner.

I’d packed Dr. D.’s book on 80/10/10 Raw Vegan so I dug it out and started reading where I’d left off long ago. I got no farther than the first couple of sentences when my flight was called to start boarding.

The ticket agent had asked me my preference for seating. I’d told him I’d like a window seat close to the wing, if possible. I ended up back in the Netherworld across from the rear exit and it was an aisle seat. The little woman I was seated next to had her things in it and was loath to give it up to me but I persisted. She didn’t speak much English and put in ear plugs so I didn’t feel obliged to make small talk. I read my book when I was able to concentrate with the Chatty Cathy in the seat in front of us. The woman talked, incessantly, from the time we got on the plane until we were allowed to take our seat belts off in Atlanta.

I deplaned at something like Gate B572 and needed to be at Gate B07 to fly to NY. I walked for miles, hauling along my, by then, two ton laptop case (I keep thinking I’ll buy one of those little cart things for it but I never have). Actually, I think the gate was more like B38 but it was a long way, no matter what.

My poor bananas weren’t faring too well with all the knocking about. That’s when I decided to put a couple out of their misery. I ate and read some more and then it was time to get onboard.

When we were taxiing out, seeing the familiar BNA made me wax nostalgic. My husband used to fly the mail out of there and I’d take him and go back and get him so it was like Old Home Week. I got a little emotional seeing the business side of the airport.

It had been a long time since I’d flown. The last time was when I came to my daughter and merm’s wedding back in 2005. Rushing down the runway and feeling the plane get lighter because of the air flowing over the wings brought back all the memories of how much I love to fly. I wonder if Adam and Eve were able to get airborne? Won’t heaven be neat??

The first leg of the flight from Nashville to Atlanta was smooth as silk, though the landing would have to be described as very solid. Had my husband landed like that, he would have done a go-around and done it again and better the second time. Second leg from Atlanta to NY was anything but smooth. The pilot kept apologizing for the turbulence but he didn’t make the potholes in the sky. I was so glad the three bananas I ate mid-flight digested quickly. I wondered how the other passengers were faring with their choices of peanut butter & crackers or dry roasted peanuts. I know the man behind me snored a lot and someone farther back would give a little screech when we’d hit an especially large hole. The pilot did almost “squeak it on” for a near perfect landing even though that would be difficult in such a large plane.

For that time period, I was seated next to the window a couple of rows in front of the wing. There were three seats in the row. The aisle seat was occupied by a man with earplugs and a book so I read some more. With the seat between us, I had opportunity to not feel so cramped.

It’s sorta funny how people will pop up like so many Jack in the Boxes whenever the seatbelt light goes off. It’s not like they are going to get to go anywhere any quicker. I stayed in my seat until traffic started moving in earnest.

We must’ve copped a tailwind on the way to NY because we made very good time and I had my bag and was calling merm by 7 o’clock to let him know I’d made it in and was going to look for a cab. Found the line to them and was well back. It was like a line to a ride at Disney and it took almost that long to get to the front where I was able to get in, give the driver my destination, and settle down for the trip. I could see very little from the windows and that was fine with me. There was nothing I could do but trust the man to get me where I was going, and safely. The number to the apartment is in very small stick-ons and the driver missed it the first time. He went up and did a U-turn somewhere and came back. I was calling merm again to make sure we were at the right place when I realized where we were. And there was merm on the sidewalk, opening the door. He was a sight for sore eyes and I just had to hug him. He took over my luggage and had no problem wrestling them around. He was surprised I just had the two pieces. By that time, I would have been happy with one.

We were greeted at the top of the stairs by my DD. I went in and collapsed on the couch. It was so nice to be where I was supposed to be for a change. Guess I had been all along but I hadn’t felt like it was “right”. I was wondering what time it was and found out it was only 8:30. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had been 10.

I wasn’t hungry at all but I still ate an assortment of tomatoes and a plum. The tomatoes were from their rooftop garden and were delicious.

I admired the painted walls and furniture that was new since I was last here. At first, I took them for granted because I’d seen pictures and then I realized I’d never seen them in person.

We visited and then merm took my bags up the stairs and I settled in for the night. I’d been on edge for so long, it was hard to talk. I even had a hard time thinking. Not a good feeling at all. I needed rest. My body wasn’t tired but my mind was exhausted. I shudder to think what state I would have been in (besides NY) if I had been run down to begin with. I’m able to handle stress a lot better than I used to but that was 9 hours of it.

Think I’ll wind this post up and start on today. To be continued!

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