It rained last night and a lot of today!

I got to bed before 10, woke up to the sound of rain (thank you, Lord!) went back to sleep, woke up again to no rain (oh, please! we need rain!), heard it raining again, etc., etc. That’s the way it was for a good 12-14 hours. I checked the rain gauge when I got home. It had 1.4″ in it. I don’t know if my neighbor emptied it from the other day or not but I hadn’t so I can’t say for sure how much we got. The valley’s total is 1.25″. It was never a hard rain. It was the kind we need—a soft, gentle rain.

It was such good sleeping weather, I overslept so no exercises.

100% Raw Food

17 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie (a huge head of organic romaine went into making my smoothies today)
24 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
2 Roma tomatoes and 1 pickling cucumber
2.75 cups mango (wish I could get more of them—they are super good)
Almost 3 quarts watermelon (the last one in the fridge)
1 nectarine
Lots of cherry tomatoes

I stopped to refuel on the way to the hospital this morning. I still made it to work on time.

What with the rain, I didn’t walk today. I was sedentary, for sure. I was glad to trade my exercise for it, though. We need lots more but this is a start.

My problem has been solved for awhile but not in a way I wanted. It’s what I’ll have to live with (and the rest of the staff, too) for now.

On the way home, I stopped and got a couple more mangos and some apples. I saw one of the ladies from church. She was telling me about her husband. He had a short amnesia episode a little over a week ago and it scared him spitless. He has a weight problem even thought he’s a vegetarian. I say “even though” but, if you look around these days, a lot of vegetarians are very large. Anyway, he’s cut down on his eating but is having a hard time. I told her to tell him to eat fruit and lots of it before his meals. She said he eats a banana every day, anyway. I told her I had six today. She was amazed. Our conversation was cut short by her FIL but I’m sure we’ll talk again.

I went to the other supermarket and got lots of (commercial) lettuces. I do wish they would stock good organic produce. Lots of people would buy it if it was top quality at reasonable prices. I’d even be willing to pay a little more and be able to buy locally. I’m digressing again. They had bananas on sale and I got an enormous lime at the same price as the little ones. I’ve known the woman at the checkout for most of 20 years, if not all. She was asking me about my eating habits. Seems we go through this almost every time. She said, “You don’t eat food, do you?” I said everything I eat is food. She said, “You know what I mean.” Well, if she meant do I eat cooked, no. She said, “You don’t eat meat, do you?” No, I’ve been a vegetarian all my life. Next, “You don’t eat sweets, either.” Well, yes, I eat lots of fruit and it’s sweet. Again, I knew what she meant so I said no, I don’t eat cake, ice cream, and cookies. I told her when I was close to 190 lubs, it was either do something or have gallbladder surgery. I decided to do something. Plus, I don’t want to spend my life in hospitals and doctors’ offices. She wanted to know what I’d do with all the greens. I told her I make green smoothies. I described the process of using very ripe bananas, greens, and a little water. The young man who was bagging my stuff was listening closely. He told me he wants to get a juicer and named the brand. He could juice stuff and drink it. I said he wouldn’t be getting the fiber and when I blend, I have the whole food. He figured I’d need a good blender. I’ve made decent smoothies with a $20 blender but more power is better. (ARGH ARGH ARGH!) I took my purchases out to the car. After thinking for a minute, I took him my card and told him he could find out all about it. Maybe he will and maybe he won’t but if he does he’ll be doing himself a favor.

That’s when I came home, traded some commercial greens for the last head of organic romaine, loaded up my last watermelon, and came to the house.

I was prepared when I ate my watermelon. I know why I like them when the weather is hot. Besides a sweatshirt, I put on some heavy knit pants and warm slippers. I was fine.

Should I pat myself on the back or what? I’m proud of me for getting to bed earlier. I’ll be there shortly tonight and it isn’t 9 yet.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening and a happy Sabbath! Good night!

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