Well, durn, durn, and double durn!

Today has been one that I’m glad is over. It started out okay but went downhill from there. I did BodyFlex, LSEs, and an 85 second pushup. I think. I didn’t record it.

100% Raw Food

19 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/mango/romaine/green curly leaf smoothie
30 ozzies banana/romaine/green curly leaf smoothie
3 quarts watermelon
The last two donut peaches
3 peaches
Lots of cherry tomatoes
1 pickling cucumber
Probably 16 ozzies tomato/parsley/cilantro/red sweet pepper/jalapeno/lime juice blend. I made about a quart but I couldn’t handle it. It needed SALT!

Fortunately, I got out and walked this morning. I was going to listen to my micro but it was dead. I’ve got it plugged up recharging. No dogs to contend with.

I finished up one project and started on another—the schedule. It’s going to be a bear this time.

At one point, I collided with someone I’d rather not and had to speak my mind. I’m not cut out for such as this. When someone who knows nothing whatsoever about the true situation in my area…I’d better let well enough alone. Just pray for me again and again and again. I wish That Someone would walk in our shoes for one day. Just one day. That’s all I ask.

There was unwelcome mail in my mailbox and that just capped the stack. It was the card I’d sent my son two days ago, returned for insufficient postage. I’d put 82 cents on it and it needed 97. Whoever figured it up put I needed 17 cents more. I did ’em better than that. I put my last 39 cent stamp on it. Last time I checked, 97 minus 82 is 15. Maybe it’s the new math.

On the way in, I stopped and got a head of romaine to wash for tomorrow. That’s the next to the last one. I’ll have to see what the commercially grown is like at the supermarket.

Day Four of the Green Cleanse is down. I’ve had no problem staying off salt except for the “soup” and it was tempting though nothing I couldn’t handle. My legs were cramping tonight. It always happens when I stay off salt for several days. Both my hands and feet were doing it off and on last night. Not terribly painful. My mouth has a little salty taste.

The weather is turning cooler. No need for the fans the last two nights. Humberto hasn’t been predictable by any stretch of the imagination but we are SUPPOSED to get some rain from him tomorrow. Guess I should put my umbrella out.

I’d better go take care of the lettuce and then I’m going to hit the hay. Good night!

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