Happy birthday to my 43 year old child!

Forty-three years ago today, I was lying in a six bed ward in an older hospital following three hours of labor and a delivery that was one of the “knock out and drag out” variety. My sister had come many miles from the North to be with me when the baby was born. I was 12 days past my due date when she had to give up, take her children, and go back home. I went into labor that evening. Guess I never was very cooperative. My mother stood by me along with my then husband and in-laws. Due to my complications, my baby and I weren’t able to go home until 11 days later which would be unheard of now. I was in the ward all by myself—a very large private room—and, upon discharge, my bill totaled just over $200. Also unheard of by today’s standards. I probably ate $200 worth of food. The kitchen would send out a menu every evening that I’d mark for the next day. I weighed all of 126 lubs when I went in to deliver and didn’t lose a whole lot due to the wonderful cooking the dietary department did. It was a Seventh-day Adventist hospital (I say “was” because it’s been replaced with a more modern facility) and all the food was vegetarian. I’ll have to admit I marked everything on the menu. My tray had to be practically forklifted in. I was nursing and my baby boy didn’t lose any weight at all (he was given one bottle during the stay). The nurse showed me his chart and the weight started out at 6 lubs 8 ozzies and went up, up, up from there. He’s always liked to eat, too, and he’s come by it honest.

Since my Printmaster program won’t install on my computer, I bought a card for the man-child. I’d gotten it ready to mail night before last and put it in the mailbox yesterday morning. It was beautiful and this was the verse:

Along the halls of yesterday
where happy memories glow,
I sometimes see the little boy
I loved so long ago.

He fills the house with noisy fun
and laughter as he plays,
banging doors in eagerness
to reach his grown-up days…

Today I’m proud to see a man
who’s grown to warm my heart
even more than that small boy
I loved so at the start!

Son, somewhere between the old memories
and new hopes lies a special moment-
a moment for being glad that you are you
and that there’s no one else quite like you.

It’s your birthday-and today I celebrate you!

It could have been written by my mother. She was quite the poetess. She would have put more into but it’s still a good representation of what she could do but do better.

I was up and at ’em this morning. I did my vision therapy since it was Wednesday all day long.

100% Raw Food

12 ozzies grapefruit juice
36 ozzies banana/strawberry/spinach smoothie (I’ve been rewarded for the bad combo by lots of burping)
32 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
2 Romas, one pickling cucumber
3 cups mango
2 quarts watermelon
1.5 quarts salad (romaine, green curly leaf, cucumber, organic tomatoes, dressed with tomato/mango/lime juice dressing)

No walking again. I was down to one registrar until well after lunch time. It was a super busy day but I lived through it. Said registrar was pulling a double, too.

When I got a chance, I called and sang “Happy Birthday” to my son. He was properly thankful, especially when it was over.

I was coming back from taking my offering for the courier this afternoon. I met my doctor on the way. Out of the blue, he said, “I’ll bet I’ve lost as much weight as you have but I didn’t do it in a healthy way.” I didn’t pursue the statement. I did take it as an endorsement of the way I eat. He has access to all my records and they speak for themselves.

Nancy brought my produce order. She tucked in a bag of cilantro so I have plenty. I got a big bunch of it when I was at the organic market. Besides that, I have an assortment of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and sweet peppers of the red and yellow varieties. Things are getting rarer. My total was only $7 this week.

I was the bank/post office person and came home earlier than usual.

I’m trying my best to go to bed on time so I’ll stop this and do just that.

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