Day One of the Green Cleanse is history.

It didn’t seem that much different from any other day. I got up and did everything through the LSEs and then jumped to a 70 second pushup. A long way away from two minutes plus.

100% Raw Food

19 ozzies grapefruit juice
1 quart mango/banana/spinach smoothie
1 quart banana/romaine smoothie
1 pickling cucumber
10 or so cherry tomatoes
3 nectarines
1.5 quarts watermelon
1 quart tomatoes

No salt, no seasonings, no overt fat. I’d planned to have another smoothie but I got home late so I didn’t. I would have been drinking it after 8 o’clock if I had.

When I left the house this morning, I knew I was forgetting something and it was my walking shoes. I couldn’t find my car keys and that made me a little late. I dug in my purse until I found my other set.

I was hit with problems when I walked in the door and it was one after another all day long. Everyone, it seems, wants something. They’ll have to fend for themselves while I’m on vacation. I’m not the type to call in and check every day.

At lunch (I did leave the office for that) a younger employee was amazed that I’ve never eaten meat. One of the older nurses who should know better had eaten a burger and fries from McDonald’s. The youngster was talking about it after the other one had finished and said she feels awful after she eats one. I asked her if she’d ever seen “Super Size Me“. She said no. I told her the nurse had seen it and was eating a heart attack in a bag, anyway. I should hunt it up and take it (the DVD) to her. I found these stories when I was looking things up about Morgan Spurlock. There are some interesting facts here but don’t bother clicking on the link under the picture. It doesn’t go anywhere.

Five minutes before I was supposed to leave, I got a phone call about my friend in Mexico that lasted almost half an hour. After that, I had a couple of things to do before I came home which put me late late late getting home.

The clock on my taskbar says it’s after 10. I’d better call it a day and let my body rest.

Good night!

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