Today has been an exciting one!

I’ll tell about that later.

I was up just about the same time as yesterday and did all of my exercises. My pushup lasted only 60 seconds. Pretty pitiful.

100% Raw Food

1 quart OJ (fresh squeezed—always is)
1 quart banana/mango/spinach smoothie (the last of the Ataulfos)

2 bananas

1 donut peach (organic peel and all)
3 plums
1 good 50 cent mango

A perfect young coconut
Marinated mushrooms (Marjorie, you’ll be pleased I threw away the rest of them)
1 quart less 7 ozzies salsa with one avocado (I couldn’t eat the last. I was topped off.)

After I had my devotions and ran my wet hands through my hair, I set out to Shop. I don’t know when I have looked less attractive. My sister would say I looked like two witches. I didn’t even take time to shower before I left. I pulled on some jeans and my Awesome shirt.

I drove through the cemetery. A fellow was mowing with a lawn tractor. Seeing how he was having to avoid all the decorations (and some of the graves have many) gave me a new insight to what it takes to keep the place up. I would imagine he’d have to use a push mower for the tighter places and I’ve seen him weed-eating around the individual graves.

I was back on my way. First stop was the Asian market. Someone saved me from myself and bought all of the kim chee they had. There will be no more until Tuesday or Wednesday and I won’t be there. When I walked in, the man looked up and said, “Hello”, in the usual manner of greeting. He saw it was me and said, “HellOOO!” Then he apologized and said, “I don’t have anything for you.” I told him it was a spur of the moment trip and I was just stopping by on the way to the organic market. I bought two young coconut and some Thai bananas. I promised to call on Sunday when I’m on vacation and put in an order.

As usual, next was the organic market. I found only one bunch of spinach. When I asked about more, the girl told me I was about two hours early for the next truck. I stocked up on beautiful romaine and green curly leaf. No red leaf today. Or at least, not until the truck got in. I wasn’t going to stay. I went over to the aisle where the seasonings are. I was studying all the bottles when a woman stopped right in front of me. I moved to get out of her way and she said, “I’m trying to read your shirt.” I don’t remember what she said next but, in answer to my question “Do you eat raw food???” she said yes. I was so excited I told her I could hug her. Not too appropriate when we had never seen each other before. She was dressed beautifully and her makeup was perfect. I looked like a ragamuffin next to her. And I don’t mean the feline variety. Her voice had a very nasal quality which she explained. She had been using Flonase and it destroyed her septum. She is in the process of multiple surgeries to correct it. I downloaded the prescribing information from the site and here’s one of the side effects: Alteration or loss of sense of taste and/or smell and, rarely, nasal septal perforation, nasal ulcer, sore throat, throat irritation and dryness, cough, hoarseness, and voice changes. It says it’s rare but one person is one person too many. We exchanged information and she loved the laced banana on my card. She promised to look up my forum. I hope she joins and tells her story on there. It’s an interesting one. She started eating raw food because of a brother who had cancer. Like me, she wasn’t interested in battling disease as a routine part of getting older so she started looking for alternatives. She was telling me that Johns Hopkins now has a division for alternative medicine and treatments. It is so nice to have met another raw foodist face to face! Even if I wasn’t at my best. She said there are a few others around, too. Maybe…it would be nice to get together now and then.

Next was ALDI, as usual. I had a limited amount of cash since I hadn’t been to the bank on Friday. Grapefruit were the main thing and I had 30 in my cart. Thinking I’d go look at the frozen fruit, I went by and wondered why they have such a small case with a limited variety. Lo, I saw some mixed tropical fruit! I got the only bag in the case and went looking for a fellow who was stocking. I asked him if there were more and he said he’d just put out two cases. I told him that was the only bag I could find. He came over and showed me where it was and there was, of all things, frozen mango in two lub bags! I put all but 18 grapefruit back and got four bags. God bless the person who put the bag of mixed fruit in the wrong place! I wouldn’t have known there was anything else otherwise.

Frozen ALDI Fruit

I’m torn about it. This is a special order item for a limited time. I want enough people to buy it so they’ll consider stocking it all the time but I want some to be left, too, for me when I get back from my trip. Is that selfish and stingy or what?

I was looking for a good avocado, ready to eat, for my last supper. I didn’t find an organic one, none at ALDI that was ready and not bruised, and Wally World only had the large watery kind and none of them were ripe, anyway. I went to BiLo and found a perfect avocado and had to pay for it with my credit card! I didn’t have enough cash and I wasn’t going to write a check for $1.40.

With the car unloaded and most things put away, I called my daughter. She and I did some planning of my time and hers while I’m visiting. She thinks she’ll take Thursday and Friday off plus we’ll have the weekend together. My SIL will go ahead and work the days she’s off and then we’ll all Go Forth on Sabbath and Sunday. I’ll have Monday and Tuesday to work on things that are too intensive for dialup. They have a super fast connection which makes it very nice. Those days may change but that’s okay, too. And, no, I’m not going to visit just for the fast Internet access. That’s a long way to go and a lot of expense just for that.

I’d talked to the pastor’s wife yesterday about our planned trip to the airport. I’ve offered to take my car and let her drive it back. She said she’ll think about it and let me know. She likes to drive their van so, if the pastor doesn’t need it that day, we’ll go in it.

My SIL asked if I’d started packing. Yeah, right, like that’ll happen this far ahead.

There will be no washing of lettuce or spinach tonight. It’s getting too late. The weather clock is showing rain again but I’d bet it won’t.

I was going to write something else but I don’t remember what it was. Aren’t you lucky?

Good night!

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