I’m glad today is over.

That’s not usually my reaction where Sabbath is concerned.

My light was off at 9:30 last night and I got up at 7:45. I started in fixing food for the Fellowship Dinner and didn’t get around to nourishing myself until right before I left for church and on the way there. I got a big watermelon out of the other fridge and had a gallon bag almost full. I set it on the table to cut some more to finish it off when I heard a noise. When I turned around, it had fallen over and the opening was hanging off the edge of the table with a large part of the contents spilled on the floor. Now, I’m not going to tell you I picked up the pieces, washed them off, and put them back in the bag because that would be a lie. Not much you can do to redeem watermelon that’s fallen on the floor so I cleaned it up and the critters had a treat. It ended up on the compost pile. I cut some more, finished filling the bag—again—and started in on making Mock Salmon Pate. Twinkle was interested in the celery so I gave her a few leaves which she promptly ignored.

100% Raw Food

1 quart OJ

3 quarts watermelon
3 bananas
A bite of the pate

Marinated Mushrooms
2 quarts salad (romaine, red leaf, sweet onion, tomato, cucumber, dressed with cashew dressing)

I got to the church a little early and was drafted to start some greeting cards on the rounds for messages and signatures. By the time I’d signed I was late getting to the organ. Between Sabbath School and church, the pianist came over and told me she was going to have to leave and I’d be by myself at the organ with no pianist. Not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Most of my stuff for lunch was ready to go on the table. I sat down with my bowl of watermelon and bananas to wait for the blessing. I was with the same ailing crew that I was the last time but they didn’t talk so much about illness, surgery, and aches and pains. One of the men told me about how he’d fallen three floors out of a haymow when he was considerably younger. It separated three of his ribs from his spinal column. I’m sure that was painful. It still is and he doesn’t want to surgerize it. Can’t blame him there but it sounds like the only solution to me. It isn’t like changing his eating habits is going to do much. Except less belly would probably ease the strain.

I hung around and talked to one of the ladies about her lasagna garden and traded her some pate for three tomatoes. We talked until it was time to leave for the memorial service. Her husband has a weight problem and is trying to remedy it. He had told her I look good but he doesn’t think he could eat raw. She told him to gradually increase the raw which does work for some people but cold turkey was better for me.

I had planned to follow them to the church until it was evident to me they were planning to take a goat trail up the mountain. I don’t “do” that road. I was behind one of the other ladies who was behind another car which was behind the slowest truck in this part of the country. We’d left in plenty of time to make it but we were a little late. I figured the others were already in the church but we beat them there.

The parking lot was full to overflowing as was the little church. We were met at the front door with the news that there were few to no seats left and they advised us to go around to the kitchen. Deciding to take our chances, we went on inside. There’s a little foyer where chairs had been set up. I worked my way clear back to the corner and sat in a large straight back chair that was surprisingly comfortable. Looking around, I saw several people I knew. Other than the people in that room, I couldn’t see much and I could hear less. The music was beautiful and that made up for a lot of the other couldn’ts. Somebody counted the people in the entry alone and there were 30.

After the service, I greeted lots of people I knew, signed the book, and got involved in a long conversation about my friend in Mexico. There are several who are concerned she won’t be able to live by herself but it’s probably something she’ll have to do to either convince them she can or herself she can’t. I’m not used to standing in one spot that long in heels and my toes were feeling it. We also talked about eating raw food. The woman I was talking to has tried to do it without much information. That’s a recipe for failure.

I was invited inside for haystacks but I declined. It’s nice to have an eating regimen that naturally doesn’t include that assault on the gastric system. Talk about Combo Abombo!

My salad was a disappointment. I may have to break down and go to the organic market tomorrow and get some good greens. I hadn’t planned to be there until after I get back from vacation but I’ve signed up for the Green Cleanse that begins on Monday. It’s based on Green for Life and since I bought that program, I can do the cleanse with the group whenever it’s offered. It will be over just a few days before my trip. Just right to get me on track.

I think I would have been better off to eat lots of fruit for supper. My stomach didn’t feel so good for a little while after I finished. The greens were tough and the flavor wasn’t good. I need to get a garden started and plant some fall lettuces. It would be nice to have my own romaine and red leaf. Plus some buttercrunch and and and.

It’s getting on toward 10 and today was wearing on the nerves as well as the body. I’m on my way to the Land of Nod. Good night!

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