I’m still alive and kicking!

This morning was vision therapy. My eyes started out a little on the blurry side but had cleared up considerably by the time the 30 minutes was up.

100% Raw Food

12 ozzies grapefruit juice (I only had four so I used two today and have two for tomorrow)
24 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie (yummy again!)

24 ozzies banana/romaine/red leaf smoothie

Lots of cherry tomatoes, two big Romas, and a cucumber eaten at the picnic table

3 quarts watermelon
1 good peach and one or two bites not so good
1 quart plus a little over 1 cup salsa

I keep forgetting to put my Micro in my purse. This morning, I managed to get out to walk three laps. The little Yappy Dogs came out and chased me. One touched my leg with its nose. I don’t think there’s any danger that either one will bite. If I had time, I’d stop and see if I could make friends but I have to get back to the office. On the first lap, the dogs were dancing and singing when, all of a sudden, they both stopped. I didn’t look back to see what was going on. All I know is, it was peaceful on the next two rounds.

It was a busy day as usual. I had lots to do which, I suppose, keeps me out of trouble. I was on a conference call for over an hour after I went to the bank and PO. There were a bunch of people discussing a new process for the hospital and nursing home. I asked if it could be put in place yesterday but they didn’t think so.

We’re supposed to be getting a new copier. I’d like to keep the one we have. It’s been the most reliable and versatile we’ve ever had. If anything does go wrong with it, someone is there within an unusually short amount of time to take care of it. Ours was supposed to be swapped out yesterday but it has to be networked and the men installing them aren’t certified to configure it. I’m not disappointed.

My picnic wasn’t interrupted today. There was a drill/demonstration going on earlier that could have delayed it but they were through before I went out. I heard later one of the neighbors was horrified to see a body in the grass. It was a dummy but she thought it was an actual person. Guess that could give one pause.

I have an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow. When I called to make it, I said, “I need to come in and have you French braid my hair.” She paused for a second, then let out a whoop and yelled, “How have you managed to have a growth spurt?” I’m going to have to be gorgeous when I leave on vacation two weeks from today.

Nancy brought my tomatoes, jalapenos, and sweet peppers. The harvest is on the wane early. My sister wrote the 19 lub watermelon they’d picked yesterday was spoilt. Sad.

I came on home after my trip to the PO this afternoon. After I ate my watermelon, I was chilly so I took that bath I’d planned to yesterday.

There’s a place on my arm that I barked Sunday. I was reaching for a self-feeder on the top shelf at Wally World when it fell and hit my arm and ankle on the way down. It’s a bit sore but never did bruise and the skin didn’t break open. There are people out there who have such fragile skin that something like that could have needed stitches to close. I’ve had a horror of reaching the age that fragile skin is a way of life. Now, I think I may not get there. Most of the time, it’s caused by medications’ side effects and I’m avoiding them like the plague. Another cause can be poor or inadequate nutrition. I want to be a thick-skinned old lady. I’ll eat lots of raw food!

Twinkle had the drawers in the bathroom pulled out like she was trying to get up in the cabinet where her dry food is. I put it up there so she couldn’t get into it. When I got it out, her ears pricked up and she looked all interested. I put a little in her bowl and she is scarfing it down.

The forum is going to have to do without me tonight. I’m going to bed soon. Good night!

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