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I’m up in the wee

I’m sitting here at almost 2 am with a pain in my gut that seems like it can’t be anything else but gallbladder (unless it’s a hiatal hernia). I’ve been drinking water (I’m on my third glass) and am planning on doing a water only fast today. It hurts! It hurts through to my back […]

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I’m sleepy.

I was up every hour just about on the hour last night. My stomach hasn’t felt good since I ate the celery yesterday. Not sick but just not right, either. My quart of OJ is what kept me Going. I don’t remember what time I got up. I just know I did. 100% Raw Food […]

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The pantry is stocked with raw food.

I got up a little after 7 and did all of my exercises including a 71 second pushup. 100% Raw Food 18 ozzies OJ (I’d forgotten I’d left a half dozen oranges in the other fridge to have when I got home) 4 banana/1 apple/romaine/red leaf smoothie 2 organic bananas 3 ribs celery 1 7″ […]

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I’m hungry.

It’s too late to eat. I’m not going to put food of any kind in my stomach at 9:42 pm. Think I’ll drink some water later. I was awake at a little after 7, got up and took my thyroid med, went back to bed and just lay there until 8:05, I think. This was […]

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Home again, home again…

I’m on the plane after getting to the airport in plenty of time. We are between NYC and Cincinnati. After getting to bed after midnight, I woke at 6:45. I wasn’t going to look at the clock but Something prompted me to. I got up and started on the day. I’d gotten all but the […]

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This is going to be another short one.

Today was kind of a quiet day. When I got up, I went to the produce place and got my oranges plus a few other things. The bananas were a little on the green side so the ones I used for my smoothie were frozen and thawed. Not delicious but filling. I got back and […]

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Roger and Me

Sounds like a movie title, doesn’t it? It isn’t, though. I was able to meet the person who has helped me stick to eating raw food long enough to make it second nature. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. In reading over my previous post, I do hope people realize I was kidding merm about […]

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Nothing went as planned today.

It was still a good Sabbath. I got up at 5 something and took my TRT so I could go ahead with breakfast when I was out of bed to stay. I went back to bed but I was so wide awake by that time it took awhile to drift back off to sleep. 100% […]

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