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It’s been a long day.

I’ve got a problem. I’m getting close to a solution but no cigar yet. I can’t go into it here except to ask for all the praying people out there to pray for me and the situation. I’d appreciate it more than I can say. The sum total of my exercise before I went to […]

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Monday Monday! Not so good to me…

Complications galore is what it was. I was up and did BodyFlex and LSEs. Didn’t quite make it to a pushup. 100% Raw Food Breakfast 18 ozzies grapefruit juice 30 ozzies light green banana/romaine smoothie Lunch 32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie Corn cut off the cob, 10 cherry tomatoes, half a large cucumber Supper 3 quarts […]

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It’s been a busy busy Sunday.

I was up before 8 and did all of my exercise routine including a 2 minute 5 second pushup! That deserves a WOOHOO! I jumped in the shower and then dressed in my bikini bottoms and camisole. Went out in the sun for an hour and finished the interview with Dr. D.. I’m going to […]

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It was back up to 101 in the valley.

Seems it’s the same old story over and over. High temperatures, no rain. My weather clock keeps threatening with the little picture of clouds with rain coming out but do you think it’s prophetic? NO. It lies. I was up in time to actually listen to all of the Sabbath School lesson discussion on PineKnoll. […]

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Here’s the tale I promised last night.

It’s quite long and involved but I can assure you it’s true. I work with the person this happened to and it took place two days ago, on August 16, 2007. My co-worker and her pregnant daughter had gone shopping for baby items after leaving the daughter’s car at the hospital. They were at a […]

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Will it never quit going up? 104 today.

Honestly, the heat is getting to be quite tiresome. Even though it doesn’t hit me like it does everyone else, I still don’t want to get out in it and maybe stroke out. It sure alters my lifestyle. I put the little fan in the window last night so it would pull in the cool […]

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A record 103! The temperature, that is.

My fan made my bedroom quite comfy but it still got too hot and I came in and turned on the a/c in the early morning hours. I hadn’t turned on the light and went a little overboard. It was below 70 in the house when I got up. Exercising consisted of BodyFlex, period. I […]

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101 again today!

It was stifling in the bedroom last night. It wasn’t that it was so hot. There was no air moving anywhere. That’s why I wanted the fan—to circulate the air. I was up with the chickens. It’s amazing how short the first part of the daylight has gotten. A month ago, it was still light […]

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