It’s been a busy busy Sunday.

I was up before 8 and did all of my exercise routine including a 2 minute 5 second pushup! That deserves a WOOHOO!

I jumped in the shower and then dressed in my bikini bottoms and camisole. Went out in the sun for an hour and finished the interview with Dr. D.. I’m going to listen to it again because I drifted off to sleep once when I was on my stomach. Don’t know how long I was out but I missed some of the talk for sure.

100% Raw Food

21 ozzies OJ
3 quarts really good watermelon

The rest of the day I didn’t have meals as such. I just ate

Marinated mushrooms
Kim chee
3 Kent mangos
1 homegrown volunteer tomato
1 quart tomatoes with Tajin
Marinated mushrooms again
Several longan
3 Clementines
2 Ataulfo mangos
Cherry tomatoes

I think that was all of it. When I was getting the kim chee out of the fridge, I nudged the watermelon and it fell out on the floor. It doesn’t take much watermelon to make a big mess. I hated it, too, because it’s such a good melon. I evened it up and put the excess in a container. Not a lot was lost, fortunately.

The Ataulfos were pretty green when I got them. That was fine with me because they’ll last that much longer. The two I ate weren’t as ripe as I like them. They were dark yellow all over but not wrinkled yet.

My daughter called and we talked for over an hour. She’s trying to grow loofah this summer and has problems with the blossoms falling off. I wonder if they aren’t getting pollinated. She looked on the WWW for advice and it seems everyone but one other person is having all sorts of success.

I did three loads of laundry and would have been glad to hang them in the house but it just wouldn’t rain. The leaves on the plants around the house are drooping and the ones on the trees are turning yellow and falling.

I spent a lot of time working on a special project that was supposed to be unveiled this evening but a key person was out of pocket most of the day. I’ve had to put it off for another day. Let’s modify that. I got a private message from her on the forum and she didn’t want me to hold it up because of her. I did a couple more things and here it is!

I’m about cross-eyed from looking at the computer screen so much today. Think I’ll take advantage of the clean sheets and turn in.

Good night!

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