Will it never quit going up? 104 today.

Honestly, the heat is getting to be quite tiresome. Even though it doesn’t hit me like it does everyone else, I still don’t want to get out in it and maybe stroke out. It sure alters my lifestyle.

I put the little fan in the window last night so it would pull in the cool air and it worked like a charm! It’s sitting behind me right now, blowing on the back of my legs and it’s pleasant. When I got out of bed, it was 73 in the bedroom, according to my little weather clock. Of course, it’s been showing rain off and on for several days with nothing happening. Seems with all the heat, there would be some afternoon storms, at least. No clouds in the sky, though. It would be nice to see some fluffy cumulus clouds for a change.

Today was vision therapy day. I even put in a couple of extra minutes on my left eye. I need to do it more often. I haven’t done any sun circles for a long time. Need to do that, too.

100% Raw Food

20 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie

30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
2 so-so mangos from a different supermarket—$1 each
Marinated mushrooms

3 quarts watermelon (not bad)
A young coconut (the whole thing, meat and all)
Generous quart of salsa
An ear of Incredible corn

When I got to work, I went out walking before it got hot and listened to the Perfect Health Program. I need to transfer the interview I downloaded the other day and listen to it. It may be a lot like the one I already had but I’ll never know until I listen.

I was eating my mango in the breakroom when one of the registrars came in and said the Fruit Lady was there. I went in the office to see this:

CSA Produce

Isn’t that just simply beautiful? Amazing produce and so much flavor!
I love summer!

Baker’s dozen Incredible corn, eight cucumbers, a pint of okra, a pint of jalapenos (what I put in my salsa was quite mild), a sweet pepper, five lubs Romas, five lubs assorted tomatoes, and a quart of cherry tomatoes.

I’d gone to the car to get Nancy’s baskets, etc., when she told me I should go back in because I wasn’t used to the heat. I told her it really didn’t bother me. She said it was 100 on the bank when she went by. She’d had some kind of meat and cheese sandwich and she admitted she knew it raised her temperature to digest it. It’s everyone’s choice.

I had three of the Annual Competencies done when it dawned on me I hadn’t gone back and recalculated the scores after I’d changed something. I had to do that and reprint the pages that had changed along with it. It took some time I’ll never get back.

One of the people on the forum accidentally deleted her journal. I asked merm about restoring it and he said it could cost something like $50 to have it done. I doubt she would want to pay that much and I’m certainly not prepared to. When I said it would make people more careful with the delete key, merm said I could make it so people can’t delete things but I’m not going to do that, either. They can’t delete other people’s stuff but they can delete their own.

It’s getting late again and I need to hit the hay. I’ll move the fan back in the bedroom. I may get another one tomorrow so I won’t have to keep moving it around. Tomorrow is my day to go pick up stuff from the Asian market, the organic market, and Aldi. It will be a long day and more driving than usual.

Good night, dudes and dudettes!

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