101 again today!

It was stifling in the bedroom last night. It wasn’t that it was so hot. There was no air moving anywhere. That’s why I wanted the fan—to circulate the air.

I was up with the chickens. It’s amazing how short the first part of the daylight has gotten. A month ago, it was still light when I got up and now I’m up in the dark.

After I did all I had to do before I exercised, I only had time to BodyFlex.

100% Raw Food

21 ozzies grapefruit juice
40 ozzies banana/mango/romaine smoothie

Large Fred’s Mom’s Salad

Lots of organic cherry tomatoes and an organic cucumber

Marinated mushrooms
1.5 quarts watermelon
1 Clementine
Celery sticks

I got out and walked before it started getting really hot and listened to the first of the first CD of the Perfect Health Program. One thing that I hadn’t paid that much attention to caught my ears. Dr. D. was talking about everything being perfect in its own way. Well, now. I guess some things can be perfectly good or perfectly okay or perfectly awful but perfect perfect? I don’t know about in this world. He does have the principles of eating raw food down pat and that’s what I need to keep learning (even though it should be perfectly easy). 🙂

There was no time to touch the first Annual Competency. I was busy all morning trying to track down info to fix errors on the system.

This afternoon, I returned The Fan. I took it, still assembled, and the box back to the store and told them I wanted them to look at it and make sure I had it put together right. They looked and decided they needed to take it apart and put it back together. It ended up just the way it was when I did it. They gave me my money back. No problem.

Back at the hospital, I called the Asian market and put in my order for Thursday. He said the distributor didn’t have Ataulfos last week. I do hope they have them this week. They are my favorites by far.

After I left work, I went by the cemetery to see how the arrangement was faring so I’d know what to get for it. It looked decent but it needs a little more greenery.

This morning, I’d called a produce place on that side of the mountain and was assured they had juice oranges. I stopped and got half a box (I don’t think they are the ones I was supposed to get).

It was on to Wally World from there. I had a list and pretty much stuck to it. I perused the specials on the way in and found bananas, three lubs for 99 cents. I asked for the Shop-Rite price and the young woman who was helping the older cashier bit her lip and looked a little cross-eyed trying to figure out how much a lub that was. Finally, she came up with 33 cents and I was on my way. There was no greenery that was appropriate. I was looking for mangos there but the ones that had the Ataulfo sign were no more Ataulfos than I am.

I invested in a fan that can be taken anywhere. It not only has AC, it can be battery powered or plugged into the power source (formerly known as a cigarette lighter) in a car. I don’t know why I’d want to do that but I guess it’s nice to have it. I prayed that I’d pick out the right fan and when I got to the checkout, the woman oopsalootied (my mother’s word) and said her son has two and loves them. That gave me some confidence in my decision.

Arriving at home, I stopped and put things in the fridge, came to the house and proceeded to eat. Not much time but I did what I could. I’d gotten a regular thermometer for the outside fridge so I can monitor the temp. It took some doing to get into the package but I got it open and installed it.

I flipped on the TV and caught the last few minutes of Andy, Barney, and the Fun Girls. Goober was doing his impressions and Gomer was being Gomer. I confess I’m a huge fan.

Amidst everything else, I got the burpless cucumbers out and started them marinating to take to work tomorrow.

My sister e-mailed about the shooting stars so I went out to see if I could spot any tonight. It was dark enough but there are lots of trees covering that part of the sky. I stood there a few minutes but I need sleep more than I need to see them.

It’s fast approaching 11 o’clock. The New Fan is on the bedside table. I should be set. Good night!

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