There was a fatality yesterday and a resurrection today.

I was getting some things out of the other fridge yesterday afternoon when I knocked the remote thermometer on the concrete floor. It landed flat and hard. When I picked it up, the display was blank. I shook it and nothing. It was dead as a doornail. I brought it in and, this morning, I decided I would take the back off and see if the batteries had been knocked loose. They didn’t appear to be but I took them out and put them back. Lo! It lived! I was so relieved. The newer ones don’t have the display. I’d hate to kill it forever.

Sleeping was much more pleasant last night. When I run the a/c, I do it all wrong with the windows open. I like the outside air better than the air conditioned air. I’m a captive at work but I can do what I want at home. I was up in time to exercise and do a 115 second pushup!

100% Raw Food

32 ozzies grapefruit juice
40 ozzies banana/peach blend

Large cucumber, sliced

24 ozzies banana/mango blend
2 pickling cucumbers and lots of cherry and grape tomatoes

3 quarts watermelon
3 half stalks celery with “Devilled Eggs

I have definitely not gotten in my greens today. I haven’t washed any yet for tomorrow, either.

It hit me a few minutes ago that I hadn’t talked to My Farmer. Since she is an hour behind me, I called and put in my order. She’ll bring me tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, dill, I don’t remember what else. She wrote it down.

Before 9 this morning, I set out to walk. It was already getting hot.

I started on the dreaded Annual Competencies before I left for the day. I experienced brain paralysis and had to shelve it until tomorrow. I hate doing them. I’m sure no one enjoys it except for the authors.

Twinkle isn’t 100% raw these days. I’m trying to get rid of all the beef medallions so I’ve been mixing them with canned cat food. I have promised her I won’t buy any more of the beef.

Update on my BIL. He is doing much better. He’s gained weight and his strength is increasing. The estimated/planned discharge date is Friday. I know he’ll be glad to get home. He hasn’t stepped foot inside the house since June 30. That’s a long time to be away. My sister is getting all excited. That’s understandable, too. They’ve never been apart, really.

It’s getting too far past my bedtime. I recorded the katydids on my Micro but I can’t figure out if I can transfer the file to my computer. If there are any techies out there who can give me some instruction, I’d appreciate it!

Good night!

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