At least one person reads my blog.

I had an e-mail from my sister saying there was no post for yesterday. She was a little alarmed thinking something might have happened to me. I’d saved it but not published so it wasn’t visible. I went back and published it with yesterday’s date. Thanks, ds!

I didn’t sleep too well last night. It was hot in the bedroom but I refused to turn on the a/c. I may have to tonight because I don’t do too well without sleep.

It was 6 o’clock on the dot when I got up. I did my exercises through the wall pushups and then I went to a pushup I held for—get this!—110 seconds!

100% Raw Food

21 ozzies grapefruit juice
32 ozzies banana/mango/romaine/red leaf smoothie

24 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
Lots of cherry tomatoes and two pickling cucumbers

3 quarts watermelon (it gets better as I go along)
Marinated mushrooms
A few marinated cucumbers and a bite or two of onion (I rinsed them)
3 cups tomato/leftover salsa from yesterday mixed together
Cherry/grape tomatoes

It was hot today! According to WeatherBug, it got up to 100. I thought it would be the better part of wisdom to go walking early as possible. I was the mail/post office person, too, which meant I had to walk early or not at all. I finished up CD 11 of the Perfect Health Program and started on CD 12. When that finishes up, I plan to start over with the first one. I’ve been jumping around and I need to go back through and catch some things I know I heard but I don’t know where to tell people to go find them. I saw the same person twice as I was taking my laps and she was surprised at my walking. She wanted to know if I do it every day and I told her I do it whenever I have time.

I stopped in at the insurance agency and signed the papers to switch my insurance. The agent told me I have a better credit rating than he does. It didn’t give my score but it rated me as “Superior”. Well, of course! I told him I try to pay my bills. Guess that’s what it takes, isn’t it? I don’t overuse my credit, either.

Lunch was interesting. There’s a very skinny person on staff who wants to gain weight. She had a baked potato and macaroni and cheese for lunch. She put numerous little tubs of butter on the potato. I lost count around seven or eight. The potato and macaroni were liberally sprinkled with salt and pepper. On top of her terrible eating habits, she smokes. Mercy! She’s a catastrophic episode waiting to happen!

On my way home, I stopped at the roadside market and got a watermelon, some German Pinks, grape tomatoes, and a small sweet onion. I hope it’s sweet. I had to throw away two of the GPs. I’ll let them know and they’ll replace them.

The last place before home was to gas up the car. I was running on fumes. My light had come on several miles ago.

When I got here, I took one look at the handrail my neighbor put up and decided I’m going to have something more sturdy before the place is inspected. I spent some time searching the WWW with no luck. I can get wrought iron and all the fittings for around $125 at the local hardware but then I’ll have to have someone put it up for me. The man who figured it up was talking about concrete and stuff and if I were acquainted with doing such, I’d be hard-pressed to find the time.

I’d better get ready for bed and turn on the a/c before it gets any later. Good night!

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